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Deca/D-bol Cycle


I'm thinking of starting up this cycle as follows...btw i should mention this is my first cycle:

1cc Deca/weekly out of the 10ml bottle for 10 weeks

50mg/weekly D-bol tabs for 10 weeks

I'm not looking to get too big. This is more of a strength/lean mass cycle. I've been dieting for the past 2 months and I've dropped down from 190 lbs. to about 173 lbs. I'm looking to gain about 10-20 lbs. of lbm max. Please let me know what you think.

Also would I need any anti-estrogens in this cycle since it is low dosage anyways? If so, when should I take it?


OH FUCK, guys IE: drago1,P-22,P-dawg,wideguy,squatty etc... Im just gonna DUCK!


dont worry you wont get too big, not at all. you may even stay the same size. @ that amount of dbol, you may not even gain water.

I say hit the newbie thread, meso-rx site, and all the other great info here.


JT: do you think I should up the dosages and shorten the length of the cycle for better results?

Let me know buddy. Thanks.


First of all, you didn't say what dosage of Deca you're using. It may not matter because with only 1ml/week you're certainly not going to gain any muscle, but you probably will supress your testosterone production. So, after ten weeks of seeing nothing, you should start to lose any muscle that you do have. Drop the deca. It's nothing but garbage. I hope you really meant 50mg of D-bol/day. 50mg of D-bol/week? Next time you spend your money on some stuff for a cycle, send it to me. I'll put it to better use.



that is all.


my only advice is that your do much much much more research. This is your body, so make sure you dont fuck it up.


You're 173 lbs, you're only looking to gain 10-20 more, and you want to do it in ten weeks?

Just eat more protein.


You haven't thought very much long about this have you? Did someone drop some d-bol and deca in your lap or something? What information/logic did you use to come up with that cycle?

At least put in SOME effort.


Have you ever tried Mag-10? In all honesty if you are going to want to try anabolics this is the first place for someone in you position to begin. This is a very safe compound that delivers effective results, if taken as prescribed by biotest will render very little endogenous test suppression. Do several cycles of this, and in the mean time study and learn as much as you can about doing anabolic/ androgenic steroids. If you have any questions along the way, we are definitely here to help you but you must begin researching yourself. Start on this site with the article "steroids for dummies" it is a very good introductory article. there is some good basic info on other sites such as meso-rx.com as well about specific drugs and their qualities. You need to know about their effects, their sides, and their half lives. Do searches on ancillary use as well such as clomid, nolvadex, hcg, arimidex, letrozole, and proviron. You must know exactly what you are putting in your body and what it is going to do to you before you do it. Don't count on us to tell you. Be proactive about this, and the bros on this board will be more then willing to point you in the right direction. Good luck! you may after research and the mag-10 decide this is not even for you! who knows?!


you know i hate to be rude about this shit because we were all newbies once. but the thing that really gets me about questions like this is that i know for about 99.9% certain that this person has no idea how to train or eat yet and is already trying to juice.

this reminds me of the local aas distributor pepe, who trains at my gym. this muther fucker has been on a never ending cycle of all kinds of gear for about the last two years. you cant even tell the muther fucker works out by looking at him! his arms look like a freaken girls! he has absolutley no idea how to train or eat, his lifestyle sucks, and hes wasting a ton of good gear. this story is all too common.

go take a look at lats' pics and see what can be achieved naturally before you start fucking with aas.

i think the clomid is getting to me...