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Deca/D-Bol/Clomid For Beginner?


I'm 26, 176 and am looking for some mass. Ive done a lot of reading and have decided that the deca, d-bol and clomid would be a good cycle for me. for the first 6 weeks 200mg/deca.
10mg of d-bol the 1st week, 15 the 2nd, 20 the 3rd and 4th. 15 the 5th and 10 the 6th then 100 clomid the 7th and 50 the 8th and 9th. Does this sound like a good beginning cycle?

Has anybody heard anything about pharmanabolics?


That's not a very good cycle. I can't help but question how much reading you've actually done.


Why not do just a Test cycle for a beginners cycle? That is what I plan on doing. I wanted to do all this other stuff, but realized that for a beginner, the simplier, the better.


not a good option bro.

6 weeks of 200 mg of deca is pointless. ramping the d-bol up and down at that low dose is not ideal either.

consider test E as the base for your first cycle. throw in a d-bol jumpstart at the beginning and you are set. if you want to get fancy you can add some deca aswell......

if i could do my first over again, it would look like this:

weeks 1-10: 500 mg Test E
weeks 1-9: 400 mg Deca
weeks 1-5: 25 mg d-bol ED
weeks 11-14: 100 mg test prop EOD

PCT starts on week 15:
100 mg Clomid for 2 weeks (15-16)
40 mg Nolva ED for 3 weeks (17-19)
Alpha Male throughout

arimidex @ 0.5 mg EOD during cycle

get some more opinions and think it through bro.


yeah i saw that on a site and was just wondering. Im trying to hear as many opinions as possible before i go into it. Thanks for your input


6 weeks of Deca at 200 mg/week is not "pointless".

I've done cycles of deca only, at exactly 200 mg/week, for 8 weeks and had made some very good gains. As a matter of fact, this was my very 1st cycle, and I gained 17 [lb] total from this regimen.

Deca and Dbol together can produce some pretty good gains even at what people are now calling "low" dosages.


IMO if you are doing this for the first time, stick to one steroid and make sure that steroid is a single estered testosterone.

The cycle you have laid out contains no test.


deca alone is not a great idea. not running test when on deca can cause other problems besides sexual sides. the male body likes test. having low to no test (exogenous or otherwise) can promote unwanted sides like lethargy and depression....of course, there is also the possibility of unwanted sexual sides. at least HRT doses of test while on deca, or some proviron should be included if you are gonna go that route. JMHO.

200 mg/week alone is too low if only for 6 weeks. half life and blood levels are all you need to consider. a low dose regimen is better suited for long term cycles, or frequent shorties with fast acting gear. deca at 200 mg is far from ideal. sure, some guys may make good gains on a regimen like that, but i'm positive that is not the norm.

if you're going to shut yourself down, might aswell provide enough punch with the AAS you choose and go with a slighlty higher dose, and add some test.


The funny part about all the preaching being done about "test" is they aren't telling you what you will get as a final product in terms of gains post cycle. Half your "gains" from test are going to get pissed out your dick if you discontinue steroid use permanently. They don't bother to mention this to you since around 6 pounds lean doesn't count as enough gain to most users. At least you'll keep your lean mass from deca after you discontinue so long as you mind your diet and workout intensity.


I have to agree with the others... without test you're short changing yourself. If you don't want to get fancy, a test/deca bi-cycle isn't a bad way to go.

Here is something I'm considering:

Week 1-3
Mon 1cc Sustanon 250, 1cc deca (250 mg)
Wed 1cc Test Cyp (250 mg)
Fri 1cc sustanon 250

Week 4-6
Mon 1cc test (250 mg), 1cc deca (250 mg)
Thur 1cc test (250 mg), 1cc deca (250)

Then for week 7 to 11 I get a bit fancier with some winny and tren.

PCT isn't complete, but the idea is something like:

HCG 3000iu every 5 days for 20 days starting last week of cycle (4 shots)

Nolavdex 20mg Every other day while on cycle and everyday of PCT

Start 14 days after last test shot
day 1 300mg
day 2-6 200mg
day 7-11 100mg
day 12-17 50mg

If you're going to stick a needle in yourself, go ahead and do it right. Use test and if you like, toss in some deca with it. D-bol can be used to help jumpstart things, but isn't absolutely necessary.

Of course, that is only my opinion which is worth exactly zip.


got test???


uh, what?