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Deca Cycle


Hey everyone, I'm thinking of starting my first cycle in a few months. I've been training for about 4 years or so and progress has just stalled. Strength and size both. I switched from a bodybuilding type routine to a powerlifting type a while back and gained some more strength, when that stalled I went back to bodybuilding with no results. Back to powerlifting, no results. I'm 27 years old 5'7" about 175lbs. I haven't checked my bodyfat% lately but I'd say probably 12% or so.

Anyway, I just want to add about 8-10lbs. Naturally the first place I went for info was my buddy who has taken steroids before. He recommended a deca only cycle 200mg for 10 weeks being as my goals are so small. He claims its what he and all his friends did their first time and that none of them got deca dick and he actually had an increase in his sex drive. Obviously, thats the opposite of what everyone on this website, and many others are saying. So my question is does anyone know why some people get deca dick and some don't. Is it possibliy a dosage issue? Maybe age?

Anyway, thanks in advance for any info,I'm sure I forgot something and I'll probably get ripped by a few of you but thats fine with me as long as hopefully somewhere in between rips there are some answers.


bro, with your goals, there really are a lot of directions that you can go...running 200mg deca for 10 weeks is not one of them.
Since this is your first cycle, I think 6 weeks on AAS will be plenty.
Give some more info. with regards to concerns you may have for sides and we will get you set up nicely.



well my main concern was with the deca only cycle and getting deca dick. since I started looking into this and everyone seems against deca w/o test, I'm looking more into those possible sides too. I am just not sure if running test with it would be overkill or not being as I'm just trying to gently nudge my body towards a few more lbs.


You could add 50mg of Proviron with your Deca and that would eliminate any 'Deca dick' problems.. Also, as many others on here will soon recommend, I recommend that you frontload at least 400-600mg of Deca.. On top of that, 200mg of Deca/wk is hardly enough to elicit any moderate gains..Deca is an extremely slow acting steroid and you need to get your blood levels up as quickly as possible to see the gains start piling on..

I would also like to recommend that you try EQ instead of Deca..

Good luck..



Thanks T-Matt. So would I just use proviron with the deca and after for pct. And I see what for saying about the eq that was actually my first choice. I just can't seem to find any.


This should help you out:



I think that a small amount of test such as 250mg/wk along with 400mg deca/wk for a total time on of 10 weeks would be sufficient. Be sure to fl the 2 injectables, and proviron is a no-no for pct.



I'd like to know where I said to take proviron PCT?!?! I said to take it WITH the Deca..

Again, I will throw my vote in for EQ..



instead of running deca only cycle subsitude deca and take test enanthate. As far as the first cycle goes no need to do more then 250mg of test /wk for 10 weeks. test will give much better gains then deca and won't shut you down as hard as deca. Make sure you have nolvadex on hand incase and clomid post cycle.