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Deca Cycle without PCT. Your Opinion?


i have a gym buddy i know he did use gears
but we have never discussed those details of his cycle
lately , one day he told me he is on deca + test e + primo cycle
the dose are all below the safe line
the thing made me shock is he told me he never used colomid or nolvex for a full pct
he only used hcg in last 4 weeks of his cycle and took a break about 2 month then jump into next cycle
he did this kind deca without pct cycle about 10 years
he never has any gyno , deca dick problem (he has 2 kids)
the reason why he doesn’t use nolvex and colomid because his source told him his dose doesn’t need those things , using serms will not help a lot but bring some side effect (and also no caber,AI)

could that really happen ? or his source just told BS to him ?
anyone can explain this ? freak gene ?


Yes it could happen.

Anecdotally there are plenty of users that have been blasting and cruising without a break for 5+ years without using HCG that have had children.

It’s not something that i would do though