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Deca Cycle - Why Not More? Deca:Test Ratio Debate

Is the only reason to not use high doses of Deca because of Deca-dick?

Much harsher on endothelial cells compared to test (in vitro at least in massive concentrations), appears to deplete dopamine and serotonin quite dramatically according to rodent models, given the anecdotes we have on human use I’d say it’s fair to come to the hypothesis it carries over into the human realm thus in those genetically predisposed the mental sides can be a real bitch.

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Don’t forget increased risk of LVH. That’s another little gift that nandrolone bestows on users.

So what would the real downside be to taking 250mg test e + 500mg deca + front loading with 40-50mg dbol?

Basically what they just said above.

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High e2, loss of ability to get an erection, bloating, mood swings, etc.

Just to clarify -
250mg test e (weekly)
500mg deca (weekly)
50mg dbol (daily)

I also have arimidex and nolva just in case

My last cycle -
750mg test c (weekly)
30mg dbol (daily)

And the only real side effect I got was a lot of bloating

As far as I have been told. Deca should always be less than test and nothing builds more muscle than test thats why its always the base. Im no expert on this but I would assume your 750mg test would be more effective than the 250 test 500 deca.
Maybe look at 600 test e and 300/400 deca? Dbol as you choose.