Deca Cycle/TRT, Dose and Duration?

I get a prescription for Deca through my TRT doc, and I get 2 bottles for a 10 week cycle, at 200mg/wk.

My question is would it be better to shorten the cycle and take a larger dose for a shorter period of time? My TRR dose is 350/wk and that will remain constant throughout the cycle.

Comeon man, 350mg test per week is WAY above trt dose.

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for 99.99 percent of the population yes, however there is a select few who seem to cleave through testosterone at a highly accelerated rate and/or for some reason injectable testosterone has a far lower bioavailability (for said individual) in which 350mg/wk would simply be the dose required for said person to reach therapeutic concentrations of testosterone. Furthermore other issues such as PAIS would also indicate the need for a higher dose.

However this dude (whichever clinic he goes to) does appear to require higher doses of test (prior post states 300mg/wk gets him to the lower quartile range for free T), similarly my bloods 5 days post shot on 200mg test/wk recently clocked out at 540ng/dl (nothing special at all)

Thanks for going back and looking at my old posts. Started out at 150/wk but after almost 2 years 350/wk finally has me in the normal range for FT.

The answer to your question is no, shortening the length of time on the deca is not a good idea. Ten weeks is already pretty short as it is. Take it as your doctor has prescribed it.

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agree with @iron_yuppie. deca works better over time.

Lower dosage, longer duration, if you want to get the best out of deca. 10 weeks is pretty short, but stick with what was prescribed. Shortening the cycle length with deca is not the way to go.