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Deca Cycle Questions


I know I'm gonna get flamed for this but here go's. This would be my first cycle...

160 Pound
25 years old
10.1 % BF
305 g/protein 300 g/carbs 60 g/fats
5 years of serious training/eating

To gain lean mass.

W 1-6 100 mg first week front load with 200mg
2 week break then...
W 1-6 100 mg first week front load with 200mg


1: what could I expect from this cycle as far as gains, besides the possibility of deca dick?
2: I see this is not a common cycle, the reason I chose deca was because there is less chance of Gyno + other symptoms, why is this cycle bad?
3: Should I use PCT or anything else with this cycle or should I just keep it simple?

Thanks guys and flame away...


POssibly the worst cycle plan Ive seen posted in the 5 years Ive been here.


and this is why you don't listen to gym buddy's...

So out of curiosity why is it a bad cycle?


Read the stickied threads.

Post again in a day or two when youre done with that.


Joke, troll or retard?


naw just a retard bro... anyways did more reading and deca shuts down your natty test production so it needs to have a synthetic test in the system to work properly. Plus first cycle should be test e. Did I nail it?

any idea where to find info that tells you the difference between all the different testosterones? like test e and test P for example?


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That's a better reply than I expected, to be honest.

Follow BBBs advice. Youll be alright in a few months.

So you dont go wasting time, forget doing lengthy research on deca right now.

Learn about testosterone, aromatization, AI, PCT, SERM amongst other things. But that's the most important stuff right off the bat.


There was one guy once who said he just wanted to take 200mg a week of deca for the rest of his life.

****OP**** What BBB and Bonez said, it's all in the stickies :slightly_smiling:


Ah, that's not a cycle




Thanks for the answer!!!


thanks for kicking me in the ass. I don't know like I said I have been reading allot and when this gym "buddy" told me this it didn't sound right so I posted it to see what you thought haha! Ill just save the 15 amps for latter down the road...


Well at least I'm not the stupidest these forums have seen haha!

Well off to do more reading and getting some Test E!


The name of the thread, was, if I remember 'perpetual cycle of deca', dats why I 'cluded it.


lol Im just messing around


I wish I had posted this earlier, OP seems to be trying to actually learn.

OP you really lucked out with the quality of responses you got, people pay highly for advice from BBB and Bonez. You've been given a good base of things to look up. Research and understand those terms and the mechanisms of action involved, and post up a more polished cycle proposal in a week or two.



Thanks and I will,

I understand why 1st cycle should be test e now. Test e is slow acting so it allows you to adjust to the changes and add AI when you need it?.. also since test is the base for most cycles you should see how you react to it before getting into different things...