Deca Cycle Question

Hello All, previously have done 10 week cycles with TRT doc at 100 mgs/week. My current TRT injection is 200 mgs/week.

I have run across some more pharma grade Deca and have enough to double the size of my dose for a 10 week cycle (2 extra bottles, total of 4).

Here is my question, should I increase my dose, or run the cycle longer, maybe a combo of both?

FYI no negative reactions whatsoever to 100 mg dose from several cycles in the past.

What gains did you see from 100mg/week of deca?

A boner about 18 hours a day (just kidding, but seriously this was a drawback as I had to have sex 3-4 times a day which was an inconvenience).

Physically saw lots of vascularity, decent strength gains but no noticeable increase in size. Main aesthetic benefit was vascularity.

Main goal for this cycle would be to add some good mass in preparation to cut in the beginning of 2021.


I noticed decent size and strength gains from 245 mg/wk NPP, bumped it up to 350 and now I’m getting bigger and leaner, but I would not consider it a linear increase. A 40% jump in gear did not equate to a 40% jump in size and strength gains. Probably more like 20-25%

As far as the question, should you double your dosage or run a lower dosage longer? I think the bigger question is this: are you more concerned with fast “riskier” gains or “safer” but slower? If you’re not competing in any strength sports I would take the marathon route over the sprint route. But ultimately that is up to you. Luckily the sides I have gotten from nandrolone are VERY minimal, but not zero. Just because you have no sides at 100 mg/wk doesn’t mean you’ll get zero sides from 200 mg/wk. I am not saying don’t do it, I just want you to think about what it means to make the increase, ultimately that comes down to what level of risk you’re willing to accept. Your body, your choice.


Good advice. I’ll start out at 150/wk for about a month, see how my body responds and adjust from there.

I was taking 200mg of test and 125mg of deca for about 10 weeks. I would say it took 3-4 weeks for the deca to kick in to where I noticed it. I was mainly using for some elbow relief which i did get. I decided to bump up to 250mg/week and really didn’t notice much difference aside from getting a little rounder which I attribute to water.
I’m by no means an expert but I would give it more than a month if you want a good handle on how it’s affecting you or start a bit higher and stay there.

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Thanks good info as well. I think what I will do is front load 200 mgs and then back off to 150 for the next 14 weeks.

Started first of 150mg dose this week, began cycle last week with 200mg. My TRT dose is 200mg.

I think the first shot might be taking effect as I notice more vascularity. Will update in a few weeks how the cycle is going.

Week three underway of 150 mgs Deca / 200 mgs Test C (TRT dose).

Oddly enough I have shed close to 10 lbs, with no change in training methods. My split is 4x/week consisting of chest/tri, legs, back and core, and arms. Cardio consists of maybe one 3-4 mile jog a week, and 1-2 five mile walks.

Plan on doing an Inbody analysis next week to see if there have been any noteworthy changes since a few months ago.