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Deca Cycle Advice


Howdy, i've done a few cycles of orals before and just want to get into something better and want to do a short cycle of deca, just 4 weeks 400mg per week. Will I need any PCT with this, and should I expect any shutdown?


Do some research for the love of christ.

Read this and read the stickies in this forum also.




The substance of this post in combination with your join date is simply astonishing.


Deca takes about three weeks to even kick in. Try 10 weeks. Yes, you will absolutely need to do PCT any cycle involving any amount of Deca. This is really going to make you lethargic and have tiny balls. Think about adding some Test. Maybe hCG if you cant deal with tiny balls.




Not to hijack this thread but I was wondering something. We all seem to be worried about
testicle size. If ejaculatory volume is good and you even managed to get your girl pregnant
while on cycle is there a need to be concerned solely about a little shrinkage ?


I think its an individual thing. It is just more pleasant when they feel plump and hang low :wink:


True lol good point!


I believe it has to do with recovery, not just aesthetics.

I've read that your balls can't work at full capacity until they have regained their size (this was specific to AAS use, I really don't know about testicle size and function in normal males not using AAS). So if your balls atrophy during the cycle you would have to wait for them to regain size before full natural testosterone production can begin. If they are atrophied going into PCT there is a waiting period for them to regain size, if size is maintained I'd assume natural production may be able to start a little bit faster.