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Deca-bol and Steroid Metabolites

If an individual tests positive for metabolites of D-bol (methandrostenolone), is there a possibility that it is attributable to this supposedly steroid free supplement Deca-bol?

Clearly, I don’t know a whole lot about steroids but reading the description of the product it looks like they are lying about the effects or the ingredients.

Well, if you can provide the chemical names given and if they are not bogus, I can provide the answer on this. But without knowing specifically what it is claimed to contain, I can’t.

25-hexol-6-one, cholesten-28, tribulus temestris, and a bunch of other stuff I recognize. Mostly just curious why a substance that is adverstised as an anabolic ‘enhancer’ to be cycled every 30 days and a liver supplement is recommended.

Depends on what your talking about.

The Deca-bol used to mean injectable deca.

Then it was an oral 19-nor based product by Gaspari.

Now its nothing, herbal bullshit and caffeine or whatnot.


None of those is going to have metabolites that are going to test like dbol, very different drug, no chance.

So a resounding no.

Also listing ingredients as “25-hexol-6-one” and “cholesten-28” is, and should be, contrary to law or regulation.

A name has to be given that sufficiently and uniquely defines what compound is being specified.

Those terms mean nothing.

So they have two total unknowns in there. Well they know what they are, but no one can know from reading the label.

So the answer on the metabolites is “probably not” with the only exception being if those compounds are in fact steroids similar to Dianabol. Which probably is not the case.

As for why the warnings about the liver and cycling: probably to increase sales by “proving” to the buyer how powerful the stuff is.

got it. thanks. so deca-bol is a marketing scheme