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Deca - Blood Clotting Question

Hello everyone,

I’m a long time lurker on this board and have learned a lot so far from you guys. Thank you all.

Now I have a question and I would appreciate your advice. I have used the search function and not found anything. So here goes…

I’m about to start a 10 week Sustanon/Deca cycle. I’m pretty new to steroids, having only done oral cycles previously so my dosages will be low. 1ml Sust/ 2ml Deca per week. Running the sust for a couple of weeks after the deca.

Now - here is the dilema. I have an impacted wisdom tooth that needs to be removed. This will involve a few stitches to the gum and digging the tooth out by a specialist dentist.

I have read that deca affects your blood clotting. Would it be safe to have this procedure in the middle of this cycle or if not. How long should I wait after the cycle to have this done ?

Would running sust on it’s own be OK, if the deca would be a problem ?

Any advice, most appreciated.

It should not represent a problem at all.

Thank you Prisoner#22. Thats great news.