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Deca: Big Difference with 12 vs 15 Weeks?

I know how bad deca is etc, but if one had 30 ml deca from a us compound pharmacy and wanted one last go, how would you do it?
Of course it’s with test!

I was thinking 500 for 12 weeks just to use it up so to speak or on the other hand run it at 400 for 15 weeks or even 300 for 20 weeks.

Then stick with test and oxandrolone after this

With cycle length I personally think it’s a bell curve where a really high dose for a short period of time is counterproductive, and a really low dose for a really long time (say 16+ weeks) is equally inefficient. I don’t think there would be a big difference in the cycles you laid out but personally I would go with the 12 weeks

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I am a big fan of the “less is best” approach. I would cut your mgs in half for 12 or 15 weeks. I don’t think there was much of a difference in me running 245/wk vs 350/wk of NPP.

400 for 16 weeks is the better of the two options.

Really? Compare 100mg test 200mg primo for 20 wks to being natural (or just 100mg test). The test + primo will still blow natty/TRT gains out of the water.

Yes but you’re comparing it to TRT, you probably could get the same results with 12 weeks on 100 test 400 primo

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Ok, 400 test and 400 deca x 15 weeks then weeks 12-18, add in 50 mg oxandrolone

Not sure whether oxandrolone or stanozolol

Oxandrolone. Stanozolol combined with nandrolone is a bad idea if you value your joints.