Deca + Androsol Cycle

I was thinking about a Deca & Androsol cycle but was concerned with the cycle length. With Deca, the long half life of the ester would essentialy make a 3 week cycle. So would doing 1 gram of decaon day 1, plus two weeks of Androsol, eliminate the safety and recovery aspects of a 2 week on/ 4 off schedule? I guess I would be looking at a 3 week on/ 5 week off cycle. Is this even worth the effort?

Also, as a follow up, how would test enanthate be for a 2/4 cycle?

Personally I’d just get some Clomid (not necessary during the cycle, but helpful after) and go for 8 weeks, adjusting the length of cycle according to testicular atrophy if necessary.