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Deca and Tren


I have no plan on running them together but recently i've been hearing people takng both together. From reading forums i'm under the impression that this is a bad idea. But why? They're both 19nors, does this make a difference? Is major supression the only reason not to run them together??


I've had no problems. Then again, I only used about 300mg a week tren. I thought it was a great combination personally.


How was your libido on cycle?

How was your recovery?


The reason to not run them together is the same reason not to run Deca by itself or in combination with anything.

If there is no need for the joint benefits that can occur with Deca, then it is best avoided.

If needing that benefit and choosing to use Deca, there is no reason to not use trenbolone as well if wanting increased anabolic effect.

There is no more relevance to their both being 19-nor than there is to both having the same number of letters in their name (namely, no relevance or importance.) It is something touted by some authors as being a reason, but there is no mechanism by which there is a relevance.


Bill, would prolactin be an issue perhaps? A lot of top lifters are using/suggesting deca, and this doesn't make sense to me as it is not famous for it's strength. What is you opinion on this? Some of them run them together, but some of them also have no clue what they are doing an just take lots of shit.


isn't npp easier on blood pressure compared to tren.


Libido tanked, but I found that using test suspension counteracted that a bit. Some cialis or viagra helps too!

Recovery took a while though, but I wouldn't attribute that to the compounds, I'd been on for quite a while. Over six months. I did recover though, right back to pre-steroids blood levels, so I know I was doing something right. I used 250 iu Hcg 2x per week the whole time whilst on. I know a lot of people hate it, but I really like deca. It gives me a healthy glow and is better than painkillers or anything else. Its not as good as test for strength, but it is good for mass.

And you always run more test :slightly_smiling:


Those claiming "prolactin" apparently never do so from actually measuring prolactin.

There is no evidence that trenbolone increases prolactin, and what evidence there is -- from the veterinary literature -- shows that it does not.


To mr. Roberts:
Would it possible for you to just compile a top five of steroidbro-myths with reasonably layman explanations regarding tren and prolactin, deca (why does people even bother with it??), and the dreaded test-stealer SHBG? Then we could just link to it whenever some guru states their "facts" about these compounds.

The shbg soaks up your test thing is as resilient as a cockroach in kevlar. At least.


The SHBG thing would have been the first thing I'd have thought of as well! :slight_smile:

I'll try thinking of some others. Excellent idea.


I'd like to see what comes up. The prolactin myth definately needs hammering out.


Could be they like the joint and tendon help deca affords too. I mean, if you're throwing around 700 lb squats like kegs at a frat party, your connective tissue is going to be screaming at you at some point or other. Tren strength + deca joint help maybe?


A good friend of mine, who is a veteran steroid user said that using a deca and tren combination caused his blood pressure levels to reach a dangerously high level-quick sharp-to the extent his skin started turning purple.

I'm not saying it will effect everyone else this way, just sharing...


How much tren was he using. I've had blood pressure issues,not quite that bad, but it seems to correlate more with total dose than with anything else.


so if it's not prolactin - what causes the tren libido issues? Anyone know?



thought you all new your shit - Bill Roberts - bushidobadboy - ANYBODY?

What causes Tren libido issues then?

Progestins? Does it tank your oestrogen??

What could it be?


Bill and Bushy aren't here on your beck and call. If you want to be able demand answers like that then maybe you can hire and pay them for their services. If not don't be a dick to our vets.


Jesus man take it easy.






I'm going to Bodybuilding.com where hopefully somebody will at least make some shit up that sounds half-way plausible.

..........NAW, just kidding.

Sriously though - Bill, or anyone else who proferred advice in this thread - i definitely feel a libido crash off Tren - even though i use and abuse my dopamine system, and regularly do Cabergolin like 0.5mg three times a week throughout.

And even with the test.... libido is not as "robust" as usual.

I guess this has everone perplexed hrrrrrmmmph