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Deca and the sweating...


Is swaeting like hell a side effect of deca? My god it seems like every time I start a cycle including deca I sweat all the time even when Im sitting still..It smells like metal too...When Im not on it Hell I hardly sweat at all... Just curious if this is common, or if Im just some kinda freak!!! :slightly_smiling:


yeah but is your dong functioning?


P-DOG--Hang On......Yep I just had my secretary check it...it still works..I guess the Test Kinda helps maintain that function!LOL


you are not a special case or anything, u simply sweat because deca causes lot of water retention that contributes to more body sweat. you will find it the same way with any steroid that causes water retention


Deca is known to make you sweat. Like martiny(I think that was his name) pointed out deca makes you retain water. Some people however, are most subseptible to this condition than others. I too used to sweat quite a bit while on Deca, but have found equipoise to be just as effective and without the nasty sides.