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Deca and Test Enth Cycle for Joint Rehab


I am 32yo, competed in snowboarding and downhill mountain biking at a pro level for many years, and have racked up a ton of injuries that are in various states of recovery. I have an extensive background in sports including about 4 years of serious bodybuilding starting in my late teens.

The last few years have mostly been spent dealing with injuries, and my athletic performance and ability to train has been slowly eroding. A friend experienced with AAS recommended Deca as a way help heal my joints and help speed rehab. I eat very well, get lots of sleep, have a low stress life, get good PT, and still my body wonâ??t adequately heal.

My goal is to reduce inflammation and break the arm pump cycle, help build my joints, and add some lost muscle and strength, and really just get back to training again.

I am 5ft8in, 160lbs, and about 8% body fat -I have a six pack with some obliqueâ??s, but no way to measure. Not that this really matters but I thought I would include it for completeness.

After much research, advice and deliberation, this is what I have come up with:

W 1-12 Test Enth 200mg E3D (Front load 400mg)
W1-10 Deca 350mg 1/W (Font load 700mg)

W 1-12 Adex 0.25mg EOD
W 1-12 Novla 20mg/d

W 13-14 Novla 40mg/d
W 15 Novla 20mg/d

My friend is recommending:

W 1-12 Test Enth 250mg/W (Front load 500mg)
W 1-10 Deca 500mg /W (Font load 1000mg)
W 1-13 Clomid 20mg/d

That seems like a lot of Deca to me based upon my reading but he thinks that for joint rehab this is appropriate. And the Test Enth is just to combat the Deca side effects. I would like to take more Test because it seems fairly standard to dose Test Enth higher than Deca when combined, and at my age some T therapy wouldnâ??t be inappropriate.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


You'll want the test dose to be higher than the deca dose if you wanna use your dick. Also, I don't think clomid is the way to go. A SERM is not the best on-cycle ancillary anyway. If you need estrogen control, an AI like arimidex or aromasin is better, but you may not need it with moderate test doses. It's better to have something on hand just in case though. You may want to look into deca sides and the appropriate ancillaries for that as well. I don't get the really nasty deca sides, so I don't have any good info about that. Lastly, nolva is better for pct in my opinion. Some of the others on this board have mush more knowledge so stay tuned and you'll probably get more.


T never needs to be higher than anything. As long as there is a source of DHT and a source of estogen at replacement levels one would be fine WRT to "feeling like a man".

When it comes to deca, some people with get ED regardless of how much testosterone they use. Elevated prolactin can be big problem.


I would consider trying a few other things out before hitting the gear.

I trained natural for a long time and the best thing I have ever found for injuries is chondroitin sulphate powder. You need to take a minimum of 5g per day and preferably 10g to get the injury healing effects. It takes a few weeks to feel the effects and it gets better the longer you take it. The capsule supplements just don't cut it, you can't take enough. Make sure you take your time over finding good quality powder though, theres a lot of crap out there that is at best 60-70% chondroitin. You want 95% minimum.

The other major contributing factor to strains is magnesium intake. You need a minimum of 600mg elemental magnesium a day if you are training hard.

HGH would be an excellent addition to this as well.


I'll have some cabergoline on hand and am considering adding hcg to the pct.

I'm most unsure about the deca dose and taking the SERM on cycle. While 500mg of deca each week sounds like a lot for a gear noob for body building, I was told that it should be the focus of my cycle for my goals.

Taking the SERMS on cycle seems like a good idea from the reading I've done, I've been warned that combating elevated estrogen too much will mitigate the connective tissue growth that I'm after.


Thanks, I'll check them out.

I agree, hgh is probably a good way to go but for various reasons I'm going to hold off on that route for now.


Equipoise is good for joints too !


Equipoise is good for joints too !


Hey, if your main goal here is injury/joint repair, then I think you might want to look into either GHRP6 or GHRP2. I will not claim to be an experienced user of these compounds, but I understand that they are cheap and effective for this, and pretty much side effect free. Also, with these compounds or GH, I believe you're talking about actual repair, while with Deca, I think it's more of an analgesic effect.


I thought Test was good for joints in low doses, but becomes counter-productive when surpassing roughly 200 mg per week. Maybe try: low dose test / low dose deca (or Eq) / peptide combo?