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Deca and Test Enanthate Cycle?


I have access to deca and test enanthate. Is it possible to stack both in a cycle for better gains? I looked it up online but I did not find what I was looking for. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Use the search bar on this website.


Week 1-10: Test E 500mg (250 on Monday and 250 on Thursday)
Week 1-10: Deca 400mg (200 on Monday and 200 on Thursday)

PCT Nolva 2 weeks after last inject 40/40/20/20 every day.

Get an AI (Arimidex) for during the cycle if gyno should become a problem.

Use search for: stickies, cycle info and deca dick (say hello to him)


"deca dick" is real but its also very preventable with a little research and planning

you will get the same erectile dysfunction issue with tren or any compound if you are sloppy with your administration.
bottom line is just because you have access to them that dosent mean you should use them.

plenty of info on this site or just google for that mater,if you search,learn some and outline something then come back and ask for tips on how to make your basic idea work a bit better.


The Test will prevent the deca dick during the cycle, but those friends of mine who still suffered erectile dysfunction way after PCT (good PCT) mostly used deca in the cycle. Every body is different, but I won't take any risk with it. Plenty of other choices.