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Deca and T, Now Can't Sleep Long Enough

Hi All. I’m at 220 mg / week of T (was 180 mg / week before) and 135 mg / week of Deca. Every since the higher T and Deca kicked in, I’ve been unable to get my normal 7-8 hours of sleep.

I’m taking the following supps:

6-8 fish oils a day
Magnesium Glycinate (AM and PM)
Turmeric extract (max 1 gram a day)
B-6 x 2 (AM and PM)
Boron 3 mg x 2 (AM and PM)
Potassium (AM and PM)
Co Q 10
Ashwaghanda (AM and PM)

Eating plenty of carbs, that shouldn’t be an issue.

Not overtraining.

I even tried sleeping early like at 9:30PM instead of 11AM, all that happens is I end up wake up at 3 or 3:30 or 4AM instead of 5 AM…6 hours is all my body allows.

Any thoughts? Suggestions?

Unrelated to the sleep, I’d recommend upping ur boron to 9mg every morning and before bed. Also curious is that much fish oil necessary?(legitimately curious because I just take one in the morning one at night)
Edit- just read I should be taking 6 grams a day, only been taking two.

Wow so 9mg of Boron in the AM, 9mh of Boron at night…so 19 mg total a day? I’m guessing that’s for only when I’m on the Deca correct?

I don’t even know what Boron does…in detail.

And yes on the fish oil - Deca messed with your lipids if I understand correctly, so I upped my fish oil by 2-3 times the normal amount to combat this somewhat during my 13 or 14 week cycle. Also I understand it thins your blood, which may be helpful as well with Deca thickening it.

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I’ve always been told to take 9mg of boron morning and night. It raises your free testosterone very well. I use it whether I’m on or off cycle at the same dosage. But thanks for your post lol now I will be taking the proper amount of fish oil. What u are taking seems to be a good amount whether ur on or off as well

How’s your e2? Sometimes with a higher level you can experience sleep issues. It’s not highly likely, but it’s certainly a potential side effect that exists.

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Be careful, many fish oils can actually raise your LDL.

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I have the same sleep issues when I make changes to my TRT dose. After about 8 weeks my body normalizes and I no longer have them. It’s likely your body just getting used to the new hormone levels.

I haven’t read this whole thread but I’ll tell you that ashwaganda fucks me up mentally. I literally can only take a very small amount of USDA organic ashwaganda and it’s same with coffee. I can only use the organic or it gives me some sort of reaction and ashwaganda non-organic totally wires me where I can cause my body to sleep, but mentally it’s like I’m just wide awake staring at the back of my eyelids. Try cutting that Ashwaganda or get the organic version. Seems benign, but look up ashwaganda aggravates bipolar disorder. Not that you have BiPOlar disorder, I don’t either, but some herbs seem to target specific genetic stuff only some people have. This is the reason I literally don’t follow anyone’s herbal/supplement protocol on here all at once. Add one thing, wait two weeks, repeat

Hey albert88, did you increase the deca at the same time as the increase in test?
if so, what were you at before?
I know the general Test/Deca rule is around 2:1 ratio…personally i am on a ratio of around 2:1.4 (840T / 600D) after some tweeking…and feel good…
I would advise you to not train 5 - 6 hours before bed and to consider test pins in the morning…not to close to bedtime.
Also keep A/Is in mind …too much, to little will affect sleep and mood.
BTW great call on the fish