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Deca and Sust 250 PCT Help


Hello people, not sure if itâ??s the right thread or not.
I need help with Deca and Sust250 PCT. Well this is not your normal cycle PCT but rather a cut short cycle.
It is my first cycle and I used Deca ( I know plz donâ??t bash) Not doing much research and trusting my buddy I went with it not realizing that I was not ready. I have been working our for over 12 years bench about 250x10 all day long. For the past few month my diet is very clean and proper my GF is a nutritionist.

In any case, aside from starting on Deca on first cycle, other factors came in to play like my BF @22% 6â?? 225 pounds and I would not be able to finish my PCT the right way (bad timing) will make me abort my current cycle.

Only after I lost my libido I started to do my research and realized utilizing TCG for you PCT is a â??old schoolâ?? approach (witch my friend recommended) and should be used during cycle (to make sure my â??boysâ?? retain the good size and ready to go when PCT time comes,)along with using things like Armidex to help to control your E levelsâ?¦.

So, here I am.So far I did 4 pins so far 250mg twice a week of each of Deca and Sust250 (500mg a week) going on3rd week.
I have Clomid and Nolva and have not used Nolva yet.
When I will discontinue Deca and keep Sust for another week . 2 weeks after my last Sust pin (3 weeks after Deca) I want to Start my PCT

My question is: Should I use both Nolva and Clomid. If so both or just one what the dosage and regiment?
This is what I was thinking- Clomid 100/100/50/20 and Nolva 40/40/20/20. After reading much about Clomid and its depression and moods efect it make a bit vary. BUT if thatâ??s what I have to do then I will men up and do it.
Q#2: what other supplements like T boosters (powder or cream) Vitamin B6, DDA you do recommend to yield faster recovery?

Many thanks for good advises.


PM me…
I ve got some helpful info… Went through the same problem…
Used a long consult with Dr. Michael Scally to help the problem…


I cant PM yet :-(, not enough “privileges”.
But I did read your story. We have one thing in come on “buds” with wrong suggestions and late educationd about roid on;y later later then sooner.Except I am on my 3rd week not 20 in your case.

Anyways I just need to know how to properly stop the cycle NOW (at 3 weeks)with Clomid or Nolva , how long to take it for and dosage.


So basically I am only on my 3rd week and I want to end it now. What is my PCT should look like?


Stop deca now… Continue test 2-3 weeks…
If not atrophied , you shoul be fine with no hcg…
Clomid and tamox is best together…
Keep estrogen in check starting now …
At 3 weeks you’ve just begun pituitary suppression.
The deca works fast over 100mgs…
Testes should be ok…


Additionally, You need bloods to see what has been altered at this point…
Bloods will give you a basis for a starting point… Best of luck my man…