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DECA and Shoulder injury

SERIOUS HELP needed here. My son is 25 and 2 years ago he ran into a lamp standard whilst playing football in the street. He has been in severe Shoulder pain ever since. He has been to specialist after specialist, everybody we can think of. It seams to be a nerve, tendon type injury, not bones. So. We here all the stories about injecting DECA in similar situations, but has anyone had first hand experience of this. Does it work? My son is of slight build. 5’ -5" and about 140lbs. He is skinny and no bodybuilder, although he was strong. He is generally fit and healthy.

So should I try some? If so, exactly where do I inject him and more important, with how much. My vials are 200mg so do I do 50 or 100 or what and how often. Problem is, if I give him too much, he may blow up like a ball, loose his nuts and not thank me at all.

So, any answers to this genuine question? JR.

Before you go start injecting your boy with anabolics try to get him to rehab the area either with a physical therapist, Trainer or with you. Use light weights and do exercises that feel comfortable to him to strengthen all of the tissue surrounding the injured area. It may just heal on its own. Now if it is nerve damage all the deca in the world will not help it. Maybe see a Accupuncture specialist for that.

get to an ART specialist

Yes, get ART!!! Read the article about it at tmag. “The Miracle Worker”

Deca won’t do jack for long term if you don’t have some competent ART done first. Even if it relieved the pain, it would be temporary unless the myofascial domponent was addressed properly. Their referral # is 719-473-7000.