deca and primo

hey i was wondering if you guys can help i’m 18 years old i’m going on my first cycle i was a friend told me deca and primo is really good he also told me 300 deca week but i don,t now how much primo should i take and he told to take primo depot or the tabs should be just fine .
i was wondering can i just take deca alone or should i really take it with primo
really need your help

Oh yeah and also with that you take what they call protein,that stuff is really important…and (man i sound just as naive as you do) with all do respect do you have any idea what your doing and how your going to cycle (it obviously doesnt) what your friend “told” you that deca and primo are really good…wow.

any other t-maggers help this gentleman out.

You want to put powerful drugs into your body, and you don’t know what to do? Sounds pretty stupid to me. Good luck.

You’re not even educated enough to post this on the right side of the forum and you want to use drugs? God help you.

What do I think…?

1.) Kid’s shouldn’t play with matches!

2.) Nine out of 10 people who read this post are probably still shaking their heads.

3.) I’m guessing you have some self esteem issues to
deal with - You’ll still be the same person afterwards…
only with a bigger body and shriveled nuts. (That’s If
your knowledge of ancillary drugs matches your
knowledge of gear.)

4.)How could YOU possibily tell the difference between real and counterfeit gear?

5.) That someone with probably less than two years of training
under his belt has exhausted all possibilities and is now
in need of a fix.

6.) How come some people don’t use marks of punctuation?

7.) Why didn't you post this on the drug forum?

Ignorant, illiterate, impatient, poor judgement, lack of confidence, bad choice in “friends”, not much weightlifting or nutrition experience, and soon to have health problems.

Man, this kid has it all.

ditto exactly what joey z said!

  1. Is this all a BS post???!!???


    (P.S. Not the answers…but the original post!)

I would just like to add to Joey Z.'s #2: “Nine out of 10 people who read this post are probably still shaking their heads.”: the tenth guy probably can’t read. Save your money and use it for a grammar tutor.

Question: Can any other T-maggers help this gentleman out?

Answer: Certainly! Which way did he come in?

First you should place your right hand on blue, then left leg on yellow. Do not pass go and do not collect $200. You do the Hokey Pokey and turn yourself about. All these will keep you from playing Russian Roulette.

MBE: “The mark of the modern monkey, since 1455. JADABB founder, 2002.”


I can’t believe no other posters have said this yet, but I call bullshit. Ain’t no way someone posting here is genuinely this clueless.

Could be it’s bullshit, but I remember reading posts from someone as “simon” awhile back, and they were all pretty much as ridiculous as this one. If true, it’s really scary.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t Simon the intelligent one of the three chipmunks?

Joke post or not (and I tend to think not, alas), a message like this one is good occasionally. It lets any other lurkers who might be in a similar position see just how idiotic this “plan” of action is, and it also provides us with a nice little flame outlet. I loved that chipmunk comment…!