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Deca and HRT?


Im getting great results with 50mgs of test cyp every 4 days and taking 1 mg of arimidex everyday. My problem is I train MMA 4 days a week and Im in constant pain from either my back knees or shoulders. I no longer lift heavy, I do mostly circuit training 5 days a week. Ive used Deca before in a mass building stack in the past and realized my joint pain went away.

So my Question is, If I run 100mgs of Deca a week will it interfere with my HRT program? My current stats are: 42 yo 260lbs 10% bf. Im a Chiropractor and have tried every kind of treatment for my injuries, deca seems to work the best.


Circuit training, if it involves plyometrics can be very hard on joints...doing it 5 days a week along with MMA at 260 pounds, there's no real mystery why you're having joint pains...but I'm sure you already knew this, just pointing out the obvious...

What you didn't address though is your lack of heavy lifting...it sounds counter intuitive but if I am doing heavy bench, overhead press, squats, and DL's, my body rarely aches outside of the immediate DOMS. But when I take a few weeks off after a meet or lighten up my load a bit, the joint pains seem to set in in my shoulders, lower back, elbows, and knees...

You may actually want to consider adding in some heavyish work a couple days a week...this has more than one benefit...

Do you take fish oil? Vitamin D? Those two will do wonders for reducing inflammation.

You could present with all the normal sides of DECA, which you should be familiar with. I would think these symptoms might tend to be exacerbated since you already have trouble with hormones (e.g. you may be more susceptible to aromatization or the infamous Deca-Dick) but I don't have any empirical or anecdotal evidence to back these up, just my personal opinion. I would definitely tread cautiously and pursue other avenues first.

Also not sure if your 100 mg dosing is appropriate or not...it sounds low, but maybe Im just basing this off what I read in the steroids forum of guys who are using true AAS bulking cycles...you might want to throw your question and concerns up in there as well...I'm sure BBB will have some good input for you.


Thanks for the input, I dont do plyos because my knees are trashed from 20 years of rugby. Ill comit to 60 days of fish oil and vit D and see what happens. Decca works faster but Im concerned of the side effects you noted. Thanks for the help.


All AAS work faster and better than the natural approach, that's why they're banned in all sports leagues and illegal lol

For Vit D, take in about 6k iu/day. Get your levels tested in a month or so to make sure you aren't going too high (I've never seen anyone over the max).

For fish oil, about 5 g of good quality fish oil a day is good. Carlson's brand is excellent and cost effective (take 5/day). If you don't mind spending a little more, Biotest (from this site) has an excellent fish oil called flame out (take 4/day). It is a little pricier, but has a better DHA/EHA ratio and is an excellent choice. I rotate between the two every other day.


Not an expeert by any stretch, but I do have my own experience to share.

50 mg of T every four days combined with 1 mg of ADX every day is a bit much. The ADX that is.

You are probably in pain because you are jamming your E2 down into single digits. Been there done that.

I wonder if 0.5 of ADX every time you do Cyp would be better for your joints. Give it two weeks and I would bet you are better.

However, seek a licensed expert for their opinion, not mine!


I was going to make the same comment. I take about twice as much test weekly along with HCG and only .5mg of AI every day. That's half the AI you currently take.

Have you tested your E2 lately to see if it is too low?


Crap, I totally missed the amount of adex he was taking...yeah 1 mg/day is a fuckload...most guys need 1 mg/WEEK...symptoms of low E2 include joint pain...these guys have it right


My E2 was 52 I was running A dex every day for 4 weeks then getting it recheched and lower my adex accordingly. You guys are great, thanks for the help!


Mine was 110 and it dropped fast as soon as I got on AI. I missed 1 injection of 200mg of test and was only taking 2mg/week and in 2 weeks my E2 was less than 12. 4 weeks at that level is a scary amount of time.


Mine was 110 and it dropped fast as soon as I got on AI. I missed 1 injection of 200mg of test and was only taking 2mg/week and in 2 weeks my E2 was less than 12. 4 weeks at that level is a scary amount of time.

At 110 was your belly really bloated? I know that is a silly question but as my E2 goes down so does my belly bulge, Bodyfat stays the same. Thoughts?


Unless you have blood work over an extended period of time showing a steady increase in E2 like I did, it is hard to believe that 1mg a day is not too much. I ended up there but it took two years of slowly having to increase my dose because my E2 kept increasing. I'd increase my AI and next blood test my E2 would go up again. I eventually got up to 1 mg a day and Dr Shippen could not believe it.

Get some blood work done before you start and include prolactin and E2 and total test and SHBG.

I'm no expert but I do know you need blood work to make any educated guesses. I would always think my increase in arimidex had pushed my E2 low and then it would come back high. So going by symptoms is really guess work.