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Deca and Effects on Tendons

I was prescribed 100mg weekly of Deca about three months ago along with the 300 mg test c Ive been on for about a year. I run theses numbers pretty consistently unless Im getting ready for a power lifting meet. Two months ago I had a tendon avulsion tear of the adductor longus while squatting with only 30% weight while warming up. I had to get surgical repair and am about to start pt. Ran 50 mg Winstrol eod to maintain mass while not being able to train and eat enough. Was talking to my ortho and he said Deca can be responsible for tendon ruptures, but I think he was meaning decadron used as an anti inflammatory. I know deca is good for the joints but i found conflicting information about tendon/ligament effects. If anyone has any good information or similar experiences i would appreciate the feedback.