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DECA and Dostinex


I am doing a research for my friend for his first injectable cycle. He has decided on running 12 week combination of Test E and Deca (400mg/400mg EW) with DBol kick for the first 4 weeks (40 mg ED). Of course, usual PCT will be in place in two weeks after last injection. During the cycle we decided to stick with Nolva (20 mg ED) and LiquiDex (0.5 mg EOD). He is 32, 5'1", 215 lbs, 10-13% body fat.

I guess what bothers me a lot, is that some of guys claim there must be Dostinex added (0.25-0.5 mg E4D) to take care of problems related to prolactin. I wonder what people would suggest on this forum? Is it necessary?


No one used DECA??


Plenty here use nandrolone, but Dostinex doesn't get pushed much on these boards. I've seen other boards where bros recommend using it with decca and/or tren, but not much here. Not sure why that is as I haven't looked into dostinex much myself.


I'd run the test higher than the deca and you can use Cabergoline and Bromocriptine as anti-progesteronic drugs.

Why are you doing the research for him? Are you his secretary or something?


Do you mean 500/400 or more?
I guess I was wondering if it's statistically justifiable to spend so much money on Dostinex (it's freakishly expensive!)

I am doing it because it is more exciting for me than for him:)! Also for some reason people think I am guru when it comes to Bodybuilding.


A very small percent of users will experience gyno from deca/tren/anadrol, as all 3 aromatize via progesterone...I personally am very susceptible to gyno via the typical aromatization that occurs through test,dbol,and eq, however, I haven't had any trouble with deca or anadrol in stacks as long as an aromatase inhibitor is used and a small amount(400mg) of vitex is used in addition to 400mg b-6...My advice would be to try this as it is a much cheaper route to take for defense against something that probably won't occur.



Thank you, mikekatz!
This is a good news:) I was planning on adding B6 200 mg. But now I will recommend 400 mg + 400 mg of Vitex ED.
How about cycle itself? Any suggestions? Should we through other oral last two weeks of injectibles and next two weeks until PCT? Winstrol or Anavar ot TBol?


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Do you think the dosage is too low?
Even for the first timer?


I would recommend waiting 3 weeks until the start of pct since you are using deca. As far as the end of the cycle, I would throw in some proviron for the last 3 weeks. It will harden you up and also allow you to have more free test all the way up to the start of you pct. Good luck


Good idea.
50 mg ED or more?
What about acne? Is it realy blooming as people say?


I don't think the aromatase inhibitor is preventing gyno with tren/drol/deca.
The vitex actually may be helping with progesterone/prolactin related gyno.

But it's important to realize the aromatase enzyme that is blocked by arimidex converts test and the like to estrogen.
drol/deca/tren actually activate progesterone and PROLACTIN receptors by themselves, meaning they are not changed or converted. So those who don't get gyno either have low receptor/affinity for those drugs at the progesterone/prolactin level or aren't taking enough drug to ellicit a response. Do not think arimidex will help or is helping with this.

Dostinex is a good choice but you should only need 1/2 a tab every 3 days and bromo is not really a popular drug for a few reasons.
Cy probably has better information...maybe he can comment


Yes, an aromatase inhibitor would be pointless to take if anadrol/deca/or tren were being used exclusively or w/ one another...I suggested the incorporation of an AI because I was under the assumption that the deca/tren/anadrol would be stacked w/ some test and this would keep circulating estrogen very low, which would reduce the chance of the tren/deca/drol aromatization occurring through progesterone-mediated mechanisms.



50 mg a day is fine. I wouldn't worry about the acne from the proviron, but rather from the test. Every person is different regarding the acne.


Cabergoline/Dostinex is not freakishly expensive when you consider how little you use for prolactin/progesterone sides. I have used it .5 MG E4D during cycle and in PCT when using Tren. Plus if you get human grade, it lasts for 3 years. Not to mention there appear to be some benefits to sex when using it. I bought the 4 MG tabs for $ 130 and got 8 or so and split them up.

Besides how to use HCG, using Cabergoline is very contrversial, where some say its worthless and others who start lactating say it solved the problem along with Vitex and B6. I would rather be safe than lactating.


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Thank you guys! You are very helpful:)