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Deca and D-bol Cycle?

OK guys, here is my situation.

I just recovered from a hernia repair surgery and I need to build back up again.

I was planning on starting a cycle this week, test/deca/dbol.

500mg Test, 200mg Deca, 40mg ed Dbol

However, I have been unable to source the testosterone. There has been a war on steroids in Australia due to the Olympics, and all my sources have dried up. I have some leads but nothing definite that I can get my hands on in time to start as planned.

Would it be worthwhile at all just doing a Deca & Dbol cycle? Low dose Deca at 200mg/week for 10 weeks and 40mg Dbol ed for 4-6 weeks.

I could just do that for now, for the surgery recovery cycle which would get me started, and then wait till I get a good source for a proper cycle.


Probably a bad idea.

I don’t remember who it was, but someone posted about running a deca cycle without test, and even three months after he stopped the deca, he was having issues with ‘little’ Johnny. May be a good idea to wait it out, find a new source for your test.