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Deca and Cyp Cycle 2

my cousin wants to do a cycle on deca and cyp over a course of 10 weeks. what he doesnt know is how much of each to take per week.
thanks for any info cheers

Maybe you cousin could put a bit more work into this instead of trying to get you to look into it for him.

He obviously knows little to nothing about AAS and therefore likely shouldnt do any until he has a clue himself.



[quote]advanracing62 wrote:


test and deca is just a shitty combination imo. it almost seems like they work against eachother…why not just up the test dose…but yeah tell him not to do it

Whoa. I must vigorously disagree with the above statement ^^^

Having run test and deca in combo three times I can attest to the syngery of the two compounds being very complimentary. Size and strength are both greatly enhanced. Recovery and the body’s general feeling of wellness is as well. I would highly recommend proviron be included in that equation too of course.

Now having said that I had no issues with Deca at 300mg EW paired with 500mg of Test. 450mg of Deca EW did give me problems even with 750mg of Test to balance it out. Nevertheless I must affirm the combo of Deca and Test as a solid one.