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what do you guys think of 400mg of deca/week alone....not stacked with anything at all? Just need a boost and I'm prepared for moderate gains over the 10week peroid of this cycle...thought of also adding Anavar for the first 6 weeks but no Test at all...
thoughts and opinions?


If you have a girlfriend, its possible you wont be able to get a hardon while running only deca. Why not at least run a small dosed test base?


List your reasons for not wanting to include any test at all, because it's generally a bad idea, but every situation is different.


cause my natural test isnt even back to normal yet I don't think after taking Test Prop in December...I do have a g/f and we have a very active sex life and I have heard that you can get "Deca Dick" but I just dont think at 23 I need to be putting any more test in my body....do you?


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this is why I try to get as much info as possible before doing any cycle. I think the only thing I wanna do now is about 25mg/day of anavar for 8-10weeks.


that being said...does that mean that I wont see good results without taking some test as well? or will it just effect my sex drive?



I didnt know that...so if it shuts down test does that hurt muscle growth or do you mean only sexually? I'm confused lol

maybe I'll just stick to 25mg/day of anavar for 8-10 weeks


I'll have to admit: Bill Phillips and I have something in common....we both like Deca!

I think it was Mr. Phillips extolling the virtues of nandrolone that got me into the same belief that it was the steroid of steroids.

And for me (and, I guess, Mr. Phillips), this was the case.

I have never tried trenbolone, so I can't compare, but nandrolone just gives me that dry, hard, dense look to the muscles that is oh so impressive...even at pretty low doses. Nothing I have tried compares. Yes, I have done cycles with only nandrolone (obviously I'm not subjected to drug tests in the past or I'd be screwed)and have been extremely happy with them.

I have never done more than an 8 week cycle of any anabolic, and that includes nandrolone. My dosages were never more than 200 mg/week. That's it. The last time I did one of these 8 week cycles was in 1995, over 10 years ago...and I believe I have kept those gains and have added to it since that time with other experimental and radical cycles that utilize very very low level anabolics in conjunction with today's exotic supplements from Biotest.

If I were to go back on any type of steroid cycle again, it would be the old 8 week cycle, relative low doses, and nandrolone would definitely be in there.

Long live the much attacked Nandrolone Decanoate!!


Oh yes, I forget to mention: I have not had the dreaded "deca dick" syndrome so many others have warned about with regards to nandrolone.

My humble opinion: if ya use a crapload, you're gonna get some sides. If ya keep the intake low and low duration, ya ain't gonna see the horrible sides; and that includes the deca-dick. Again, this is just from MY experience.


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thanks for all the help guys. You guys are great!