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Deca 300 and PCT


Going to be running Deca 300/wk. Need suggestions of anything to use as Anti-Es.

Also, how does my PCT look?
2 weeks after last injection start:
20 mg Nolva ED for 3 weeks
Day 1 300 mg clomid
Days 2-7 100 mg clomid ED
Days 7-14 50 mg clomid ED


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Walt- throw some test in there.


definately add some test to your cycle. at least the same amount as the deca IMO. i think your outlined pct should be effective. however, if you run test and deca together, make sure you stop the deca 1 week before your test....pct should start 3 weeks after your last shot of deca.

weeks 1-9: test E 500mg,deca 300 mg
week 10: test E 500 mg
week 12-14: PCT


Again, while I appreciate the comments, I am looking for info on Deca and anti-Es.


ummm, ok. since you haven't given us anything to work with besides that you will be running deca 300 mg/wk ....one can only assume that it will be deca only...

so, you will need....first and foremost some viagara or cialis cause there is a good chance you will get the dreaded "deca-dick". also some b-6 and bromocriptine since deca sides are progestogenic in nature.


Yeah, it will be Deca only. I am not familiar with b-6 or bromocriptine. And progestogenic? Could you please explain more? Thanks.

I hope I didn't come across as being short with everyone! I know many people recomend Test as the base for all cycles. I am simply going another route. I am frightened by the sides of Test, hence my choice of Deca only. Again, I was seriously thanking people for their comments, but I considered this already!!


Dude - WTF?

Have you done any research on this cycle? My advice is don't do anything until you research what the hell you are about to do.

If nothing else research the side effects of deca. You are about to make a huge mistake. I'm not talking about doing deca-only.

Ignorance is the most dangerous thing you can have going into a cycle. And the only cure for it is research.


Get yourself some vit b-6 and take at least 400mg/d. Also get vitex agnus castus and take 400mg/d.
You may need to go with a longer pct since deca is pretty suppressive. I would suggest incorporating hcg in some way.