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Debut Fight!


COMPLETE OWNAGE!!!! 1st round Tapout to strikes, 2:00 :slight_smile:

Went exactly how I had planned, no real big surprises. Maintained complete control for the majority of the fight (besides the couple seconds after I got an accidental finger to the eyeball). :slight_smile:

Will get vid later, I know at least 3 people who traveled with our team got it. :slight_smile:


awesome, congratulations. be sure to post up the vid!


congratz!! awesome domination for the debut!


Awesome job! Congrats!


Congrats, on to the next one!


Kick ass! It's always nice when a plan survives the first punch.


Great Job!!!


Nice work!!


Sweet Action!


My teammate is freakin HORRIBLE holding a camera.... There's supposed to be a better vid being posted tonight by a teammates sister, but for now this is all I got...