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Deborah Lafave


Im sure the 14 y/o boy in question is going through a complete mental breakdown after being “molested” by his teacher.

Yeah, they probably found him sitting in the shower, sucking his thumb.

She’s probably the “worst” thing that ever happened to him.

You realize this was over 3 years ago?

Talk about old news… maybe I can save it



Goddamnit, Headhunter. This is OLD.

If I recall correctly that bitch was hot, and therefore that kid was lucky. But it IS creepy if an ugly female teacher or a male teacher does this, so don’t get encouraged by my response, HH.

I live here in tampa and she is hot. Her lawyer basically got her probation and the defence was that she was to pretty to go to jail and it worked.

It’s like me and Doc Brown jumped in the Delorian and went back to 2007 and brought this thread back with us

He probably brags about it to this day. When I was in hs it was this teacher I wanted to bone…she was sexy.

OMG…The titanic sunk???

[quote]jp_dubya wrote:
OMG…The titanic sunk???[/quote]

is everyone ok?