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Debating to Cut or Bulk


hello im new to the site so id appreciate some help, im 20 years old, 6'5'' tall weight about 250lbs with 16% body fat, ive been real confused lately if i should try and put some more size on get that thick look or if i should cut down sacrificing the size in my arms for some definition....i was also going to start some animal pump this coming up week? ANY THOUGHTS? or suggestions please help


What are your goals dude?


Assuming your stats are correct, if I had a 6`5" frame, I'd bulk up to 310-320 lbs before worrying about hawt abz. If you have the potential to get massive, I would fully take advantage of it.


Since we have no clue what you really look like(I recommend posting a pic), I'll say this, when you're leaner, you're going to look a lot thicker/muscular than having fat covering your muscles. So it's up to you.


Get stronger


You might find this thread helpful:



THANKS alot, my goals ultimately are to start getting into the body building. ill get some pics soon but i got the big frame wide shoulders big arms just their solid, not like ripped or ripped chest/stomach like those pretty boy abercrombie guys haha


just took some




Doesn't look like enough fat to really warrant cutting before bulking.


so whatcha thinkin? maybe pack on some more size b4 cutting? for me cuttings the hardest with the eating haha im tryin to work on a diet and some cardio


Yeah man, Eat more steak, less icecream and lift some heavy ass weights.

Rinse & repeat


Honestly read all the articles you can on this website, I wouldn't take a lot of advice from what people post in these threads as they don't know your body and most of them aren't close to as knowledgeable as the people who write for this website. I'll start you out, just scroll down to the bottom and click articles and welcome to your info library:


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There are quite a few posters here I would listen to before I listened to that author if my goal was big muscles...


I agree with the bean man. Eat better, watch the complete crap, and lift heavy.

As long as your smart and sensible (re: not super duper strict, but 90%) you'll be fine.