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Debating Test/T3 Cycle at 36. Will I Be Able to Return to Baseline?

I’m debating on taking a 500mg Test cycle for 12 weeks+T3

My biggest concern is returning to baseline levels after. How long does It take after 12 weeks of such a small cycle on average? a month? 2? 3?

How often do people NOT return?

Get your levels checked before starting so you know where you are. Returning to baseline is different for everybody. Some return rather quickly, some take months. The key is to do a proper PCT and give it time. There’s always the risk you could never return; but the chances are small.

I would ditch the T3 on your first cycle.

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Why? I have mass already. I’m more looking into getting more defined, more solid gains.

Because your screwing with your thyroid and hpta at the same time.


Everyones different bro your asking an impossible question to answer. On average if your not up and running a month or so after the end of your pct then you need to address the situation.

The idea behind t3 is that’s its not very suppressive if used correctly. That doesn’t make it a good idea. There is other fat burners that ont mess with your thyroid like t3. But I agree with what these guys said if you can’t make great results on your first cycle with just test then your diet is off and you need to address that before cocktailing more drugs.

Its a lot easier to get defined if your not worried about gains fyi.

Well, the idea was not to lose any muscle while I jumped on T3 (if I decided to). Everything I’ve read said a bit of Test to go a long with T3

I promise you you won’t lose a lb of muscle when cutting on test at 500mg/week unless your literally starving yourself.

You’d be better off running clen IMO if you insist on a fat burner

No, no I mean losing muscle on just T3. I’ve read to throw Test in there so you won’t run the risk of losing muscle on T3

Clen is anticatabolic. Guys cut with it and lose very very little muscle. Test isn’t something you “throw in” because you’re running T3, especially if you’ve never used it before. This is a potentially bad idea for any number of reasons.

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Do clenbuterol really works? How much would it increase your daily calorie consumption like 10%?

I have had tried ventolin and it didn’t do jack for me

Works well for me if you can handle the shakiness and excess sweating.

Clen works…no doubt about it. Not sure what exact % effect it has on your BMR, that would be largely dependent on the dose.

I couldn’t have said it any better than iron.

I guess the reason why I didn’t pick up on what you were getting at OP is because it’s not something that would ever cross my mind to just throw some test in for the sole purpose of running T3. Usually people use T3 when they are already planning on using test. I think you should take a step back and look into maybe clen and leave your hormones and endocrine system alone for a bit

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eh I dunno considering T3/thyroid medication doesn’t impact your thyroid as bad as something like Clen could for your heart. Your thyroid (as far as I have read) bounces back immediately after coming off T3/T4. And I want to try a small cycle of test, I’ve been meaning to do it and I’d say now would be the age