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Debate with Liberals/Progressives


Painful dialog, but I think it's pretty right on...I'm sure you can make one the other way around....maybe.

This scene is a microcosm of how liberals seek to silence the opposition by censorship and leveling personal attacks while avoiding the issues at hand. It further elucidates their ignorance of the issues, their bad habits of changing the subject during the debate.


HA! That was great. Typical lib BS: "You're a stupid racist, I'm not going to listen to you". Weird how those silly little "facts" always get in the way of most liberal viewpoints.


"...I disagree..."

(Crazy robot voice) "You are a racist"

I rofld


I like the jump straight to "Mexicans do jobs Americans Don't want".....out of nowhere!


Heh. Only thing missing is the tortured "Red Pill, Blue Pill" analogy.




Progressives suck. I wish Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, John Adams, and James Madison had just kept quiet.


Jefferson, Hamilton, Adams, and Madison are not the progressives of today. Again, another example of progressives pulling shit out of their ass.


LOL, "you're a nutcase."


This wins the coveted High Mark of Igorant Comments made this week. Congratulations.


Well...that is concrete evidence of the failure of the leftists in the education system.

Is there any area left that they need to be proven intellectually and morally bankrupt?


It's quite easy.

Liberal: There was no basis for the war in Iraq
Conservative: Do you love your country? Do you want you child growing up in a nation with more mosques than convenience stores?

The problem is, neither case is funny.
They want to make people laugh and prove their point.
They want to have their cake and eat it too.

Better off sticking to tried and tested vicious stereotypes...

And for the record, almost everyone argues via distortion, personal attacks, insinuation, and plain bull-headed ignorance.



No, yeah I guess you're kinda right.


The conservatives of today are not the conservatives of long ago either.



Which political thought process is better could be decided quite easily. Simply split the country in two. One side are the democrats the other side republicans - two separate governments. The first and most important question for the democrats who live in their new country would be this: How are you going to fund all of your giveaway programs? It seems to me that you guys are dependent on people who actually work and produce something of value. Without us you are basically done. Oh you might limp along for a while but it's only a matter of time before you and your leader the chosen one look like a third world country.


That's easy ZEB they all have jobs in the media and education since the media guys make tons of money they can fund it. The bigger question is how to raise an army of liberals.


If they got beyond their serious funding problem my next question would be:

How would they get beyond the multi layers of regulation that would be in place to discourage business? Since there would be no republicans to at least cut it back some. Unless you've done business in places like Vermont you have no idea how ugly the business climate gets when the liberals have full control. Vermont is one of the poorer states in our union because of these liberals. It is a dysfunctional place where enterprise is punished regularly by an out of control liberal Attorney General. Howard Dean is the former Governor of Vermont, I guess nothing else needs to be said. Vermont is a total disaster. Can you imagine a nation that is run this way?


And let's not forget that bastion of liberalism, the state of California. This state has been run by liberals for the past 50 years or so. Let's see what has that brought us?

1-State unemployment rate of 12.4%

2-More people unemployed in California than the total populations of New Hampshire, Nevada and Vermont combined.

3-A state income tax of 10.55%

4-The highest state sales tax in the nation at 8.25%

5-The highest state gasoline tax in the nation at .67 per gallon.

6-A state poverty rate of over 15%!

7-Funny with all of the high tax rates California has a budget deficit of over 19 billion dollars! Another record as this is by far the highest in the nation.

That my friends is what happens when liberals are allowed free reign.

If you need other examples you only need to look at other states that have been controlled almost exclusively by liberals over a period of time. Liberalism is a catastrophe, it does not work and has never worked anywhere.


That video is so stupid:) it made me smile :slight_smile: I have one comment about Progressive and liberal , They are different , the way I see it is You ROCK SCAR are a progressive conservative , I am a progressive moderate , I see John S as a conservative liberal . Progressive means wanting to change , conservative means wanting things done with the least amount of monetary impact, Liberal is pro liberty , a moderate is some one that realizes that everything has a trade off , some times one must trade something to get something better , Just my veiws