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Debate on Athletes & Steriod Use


After Arod and over 100 other mlb athletes were te sted positive for steroid usage it got me contemplating on the reasons for banning steroids all together. Yes they can cause many negative affects but if cycled correctly in specific dosages with a balanced diet and a recovery phase afterwards most (if not all)negative affects can be avoided all together.

My professor and I both had the idea of pro sports in the reason for its existence is for sole entertainment. Shortly after that I made the leap to imagen if some day all sports would make the move to become more like pro wrestling, if you will. TNA,WWE & etc are all staged events and stunts shown for entertainment, most of the audiences no that and still are amused. If allowing Pro sports to use drugs would that push for staged sporting events to happen?

Yes you can not stage a home run but by using drugs to help perform better wouldnt that allow for unrealistic events to happen, such as when a pro wrestler picks up and flips his opponent, yes some events and punches are real but the major are acted and staged.

Most sports nowaday are based soley on supplementation. Caffiene is considered a drug in some ways but yet it is legal even though it can help you perform better. In some bases anything you consume is a drug because it gives your body nutrients to help you perform better. The only reason I can produce is because miss used cycling and the like that which contribute to negative affects. You must know how to drive before getting behind the wheel, in the sense that there are many newbs not knowing anything about steriods that can harm themselves. So what is the bases of illegalizing steriods??
Any opinions?


Just out of curiosity, have you seen Bigger, Faster, Stronger?

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This has been discussed to many times before. We all know the facts and have our opinions, but as we are a small minority, we are not going to get anywhere without the majorities support.


No I have not, but i'd like to.


Publically allowing steroids in professional sports would have to mean legalizing them in America. That would lead to many more teenagers using them. That's a bad thing and I don't think there's a way around it.


You could put an '18+' sign on it, the way we do for cigarettes and alcohol.

Granted, this won't stop usage. However, criminalizing hasn't stopped usage either.


I think it shouldn't be legalized in the professional leagues yet. Kids and young athletes are impressionable and look up to these incredible players. Some idiot is going to think.. "Hey if A-rod takes steroids and its okay.. maybe I can." Then the kid will end up hurting his body when he pops his first dosage of Dianabol or some other drug.

I've seen kids fuck their shit up with steroids because they thought it was just "take a pill and get huge, strong, and faster." or "Shoot this into your leg and get bigger, stronger, faster." They werent educated enough to know anything about side effects, proper diet, etc.

If we do legalize, There should be a lot more education on steroids and other performance enhancing drugs within school systems. Hell I'm all for the legalization but we just need to look at the big picture.


Eh I agree to an extent. But buying steroids is different than buying pot. There aren't nearly as many steroid dealers as pot dealers so the availablilty is much lower. The fact that you can buy AAS on the web changes the dynamic a bit but there are plenty of people that get ripped off every day, which turns them off from the whole process. Believe it or not it actually takes work to find a legit supplier for AAS where all you have to do to find some pot or other drugs is walk onto a college campus or walk into a bar with a youngish crowd.

Decriminalization would be good because then doctors wouldn't be so scared of losing their jobs for perscribing tesotosterone. There are plenty of doctors who are willing to perscribe testosterone for more than just TRT purposes but can't because they'd get in trouble.


This is why legalization can't work. Kids can never be trusted to make educated decisions. Putting schools in charge of proper education on AAS is even more absurd. Expecting kids in high school or whatever to listen to teachers about something they'd want to do is a little crazy, kids do what they want. Expecting kids to understand things as complex as proper AAS usage just from learning about them in a few classes is even crazier. It takes years and years of research to learn the ins and outs of proper and effective AAS usage. Another reason is that there are no legitimate studies on AAS usage so you can't expect school systems to start teaching anecdotal evidence and risk the repercussions if the information is misconstrued.

Using AAS intelligently can be very safe but the line between intelligent use and irresponsible use is a fine one.

Decriminalzation for men or women over the age of 25 that can have acess to qualified professional guidance sounds like the best plan to me.


I'm not sure whether I'm for legalizing steroids or not. I can definitely see them being used when males age in the form of test therapy, but I don't particularly believe that they should be legal. I'm not sure yet.

However, they shouldn't be allowed in any professional sports at all. There shouldn't be an leniency at all, and testing should be done regularly.


If steroids are allowed, eventually everybody in the league will be using them and if you want to play some day, you WILL HAVE TO use also. It's not fair to those who don't want to mess with their hormones.


I'm not saying teach the kids what to take, how to take it and what dosage to do. The school systems should focus more on side effects, and other bodily problems resulting in the misuse of steroids. They don't touch these basics at all. The most I've heard from a school teacher is "Oh, don't take it, you'll hurt your body and get pissed all the time, plus you can get kicked out of the sports you do."

I never heard a single thing on specifically what can happen. This led other kids to think, "Well it may not happen to me." There are many ways to get kids involved in something. The psychology behind it is not teach it through a textbook, but show examples and bring people in who have misused the drugs to thoroughly explain whats happening. ost school systems bring in people to do these explanations with drunk driving, binge drinking, and drug abuse. Attentiveness goes up dramatically. Why not do this with steroids?

I was thinking 21 for the age but I would implement your idea of ages 25+ for steroids instead though. I like that idea.


But does using scare tactics without providing the real information actually work? I'm not saying your idea is a bad one, just that it sounds like it would spread more misinformation than anything else.

More often than not someone with a bad experience using AAS (such as a 19 year who cripples his endocrine system permanently or a female causes irreverisble mascuilinization) did something very wrong. Chances are those people don't know shit about what they did. Personally I know I don't want to hear from someone who is a complete fuck up. Another point is that AAS usage is very individual in terms of usage and effects. Some guy could have used 1 gram of aromatizable steroids and gotten a nasty case of gyno. He goes to talk to a group of people about it. Someone listens to him and decides to run .5 grams of aromatizeable steroids. He gets gyno too. If he doesn't have the proper information before hand he may not have any idea why the other persons advice didn't hold true for him. That just a simple example but you can see where I'm going. This stuff is way too complicated and there are tons of pros and cons for every debatable point. It's tricky.


To teach a class in school or maybe include it in the health class curiculum might be ok but there is to much distraction in public schools. Maybe if they could set up a steriod safety course (lol) You would have to be atleast 25 and classes would be at particular hospitals or local clinics. Similar to a hunters safety course, you would have to take a two or three day class and then pass the strict test.

then you'd be given a licensce or specific mark on your next drivers license renew that would allow you to buy steroids from certain suppliers(maybe even a hospital could sell um).
While in all sports events they still would not allow performance enhancing drugs.

Is this ludacris?