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Debacle on MDUSA Forum


So yesterday the owner of the MDUSA team has some online altercations with a few people on the pendlay forums. Today, it seems as though you can't get on to the forums at all. Anyone that's been over there know if they took down the site?


Haha bet some threats were made


I have no idea what happened, but that thread was ridiculous.


I was appalled at some of the accusations that the owner was making about the posters in the thread. That was some of the most childish, downright stupid behavior I've seen. From someone that supposedly runs a successful business. I have a feeling they have lost a few customers after this.


Running a successful business doesn't mean you can't implode online LOL.

He has certainly lost $30-60-80k worth of business from people. Not sure how much they make so not sure how much it will affect their bottom line. People before were loving MDUSA equipment.



Yeah, I know that running a business doesn't make you superhuman, but this guy is supposed to be a professional. I saw absolutely 0 professionalism in any of his responses. And yeah, I know I won't be buying from them at this point. It's just a bummer that the forum seems to have been shut down.


Hmmm, pretty sure I had another post in this thread that has since mysteriously disappeared without explanation. Maybe I wasn't shitting hard enough on the competition.




There were some complaints about the MDUSA equipment on the pendlay forum in the last couple of months as well, so that probably didn't help. Those facebook posts after nationals and that forum thread was amazing. Shame the site seems to be down though, I'm going to have to find something else to do while in the office now! Maybe this forum will start getting some love again?!


Well, not only was Brad a bit of a nutjob, it didn't help that a couple of people seemed to purposely push him regarding the topic. I've heard the site is still up, just not responding to DNS (I don't know what that is). I also read that someone asked MDUSA on their FB page and was told it was a technical issue. Not sure what to believe, but I was able to get on today using the IP address, and I saw someone had actually posted.

I hope they don't get rid of it, but it was threatened that MDUSA might do just that.

IMHO, I think it's all a bit ridiculous and childish on both sides. I think MDUSA guy could've handled it better, but I also think the posters could have been a bit more adult about it and respected the wishes of not belaboring the point.


I think the first one to draw blood was Brad, accusing the first poster of prying and having an ulterior motive. And the "it's none of your business" line certainly didn't help anything. Instead of saying that, or the vagueries he used, he could have ended it probably pretty easily just by saying "We're not gonna make our reasons public, but they should become apparent soon." Or some such business. I found nothing wrong with the posters, didn't see any pushing or prying.


Still up and running on its IP