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Deathly Hallows 2


The end of the era.

I had a pretty good time watching this film. Definitely worth the watch.

Did you see it? What did you think? Could it have been different or better?

Let me know


Can't do the horror movies but love the name.




I've never read a single Harry Potter novel nor have I watched the films. Now that they're all out there though I feel like I could sit down and watch them all in succession though.


Worth it, but also MUCH more worth it to just read 'em. It'll take you two-three weeks to read them all tops if you read at a moderate pace.

As for the movie, I haven't seen it yet, should be going sometime this week. I definitely wanted to wait for the crowds to die down a bit.


Yeah I went to a 10:40 am screening and it was a pretty full house.




Movie wasnt bad. Changed some key points from book.

Read the book.


They fixed some holes in the book too.


My wife loves Harry Potter, I've never read any of the books, and I've only seen the first movie (and the first half of this one). Even then, this movie really drew me in, it was very good.


I liked it in overall, but I was very disappointing with the final battles. I expected more from the two super wizards.

I loved the scene with the "fire animals".


I saw the movie Sunday; I enjoyed it very much.

I note that Ralph Fiennes must be an evil fuck. His characters:

Nazi Commander in Shinder's List
Pharoah in "Prince of Eqypt"
Heathcliff, Wuthering Heights
"Tooth Fairy" serial killer in Red Dragon (Silense of Lambs/Hannibal Lector prequel)
Hades/the Devil in Clash of the Titans
Some evil Roman Emporer in some movie I forget

I guess he needs to be a Sci-Fi evil villian next and maybe Judas in a Chrisitian movie, then he'll have it all covered.


He played his role in "Constant Gardner" very well too though.

I was impressed by his cameo in The Hurt Locker also.

The guy is a beast...


For whatever it's worth, I don't know if you read the books or not, but I felt the same way about the last battle in the book. Again, I still liked it, but I would be unsurprised if it didn't translate too well to cinema either.


Colin Creevey, I do believe.

Not that I am a big enough Harry Potter geek to notice that it is mispelled or anything.


Such as?


he is lovely and seriously talented. one of the best. the constant gardner, strange days and the end of the affair are performances to check out.


Not a huge HP fan, but I like the movies .. This one was my favorite by far .. I just wish people would give Neville his fuckin dues ... he had as big, if not bigger, of balls as Harry did ... When everyone thought Harry was dead, Neville stood the fuck up and said "Fyuuuck Yooooooo Lord Voldemort, suck my dick bitch my name's Neville Motherfuckin donkey dick Longbottom!!" And he's been like that throughout the whole series.

AND his background is just as dark, if not darker than, Harry's is. His fuckin' parents went insane from Belatrix torturing them. AND he destroyed the last horcrux in the best fuckin' way .. He was all like "Hay snake what'd the Godrick Griffendor's sword say to ya neck? Slice mother fucka ... get it." Neville's the fuckin' real hero, he did all that shit without the knowledge that Harry had (Harry being given all these fuckin' clues and shit knew that he wasn't REALLY going to die .. But Neville KNEW there was a chance ole Voldemort woulda been all like Abbra Cadaver or whatever the fuckin spell was and kill him where he stood AND HE STILL SAID GO FUCK YOURSELF YOU WEIRD LOOKIN MOTHERFUCKA).

So, in conclusion, I argue Neville's the REAL hero of the story, not Harry.




The best HP review, ever. ^^^^^^^

Greeny and I saw it last night. There was a large percentage of middle aged women seeing it, also and I found it a little odd.

I liked it a lot. I thought the movies as a whole were very well done.