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Just curious, when you bite the big one, what do you want written on your headstone? How do you want to be remembered?


"Man's best friend"


I don't want a marker. I would like to have my ashes spread on The Green at iowa state university.


It's not length of life, but depth of life. - Ralph Waldo Emerson


"That I did it the best I could while I was stuck in this place."


No Headstone for me!!! I have arranged for my ashes to be scattered across an Alaskan mountian range while a tape is played.


Just three words: "Strength and Honor".


Not gonna die, decided it would negativly affect my training progress.


How I want to be remembered could not be written on a headstone. I don't want to be remembered by how I died, but rather how I lived. Maybe the words on the headstone should be "No regrets."


"See, I told you I was sick!"


I want my ashes spread from the Mukilteo Ferry in Everett Washington.


I want my to say "Finally, I am free from that bitch!!" or "Dear World, Fuck You. Love, pat"...But the truth is that I want to be taxidemied with a rock hard penis so you can hang your hat on it.


Deforest Kelly has "He's dead Jim..." written on his tombstone.


Engraved on a atheist's tombstone: "All dressed up and no place to go"


Super Beefcake was a super big beefcake.


"gone fishin' "


Actually all the atheists I know are donating their bodies for organs / study in med school. Why not? I still think mine is best, although "See, I told you I was sick" is pretty funny.


ed, i have just gotten up off of the ground. i was laughing so hard from your post i fell out of my chair.


I heard a pretty funny one on the radio today. True story, a husband and wife were discussing their arrangements, and they have adjoining plots. The husband said he wanted an arrow engraved on his tombstone, with the words "I'm with stupid" underneath it.


No headstone for me, Im getting frozen