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Death Wish


I saw this for the first time last night and fuck me Charles Bronson is one hard dude (well his character is). Most you folks out there seen this? If so what are some other movies of similiar theme?


Dude I have been saying this for years. Everyone is on Chuck Norris' nuts. Chuck Norris is on Charles Bronsons' nuts. Check out The Magnificent Seven and The Dirty Dozen these are both bad ass movies


Bronson also served on a bomber in WWII.


Also check out The Mechanic, Red Sun, Mr Majestyk and my personal favorite, Hard Times.


What about this line from the movie... "you believe in Jesus... well you're gonna meet him"

I've seen The Magnificent Seven. Great flick.


Which co stars my all time favorite failure at life Jan Michael Vincent. What a loser.


You gotta see Breakheart Pass, a sort of western murder mystery (from Alastair McLean) and Once Upon a Time in the West, Sergio Leone's last spaghetti western.

The aforementioned Mr. Majestyk and The Mechanic are some of his best "modern" shoot-'em ups. Also worthy of mention is Telefon. Hard Times is a really different, but great movie about street fighting for prize money in the Depression Era.



Hard times is a great movie. Keep in mind when you are watching it that Bronson was something like 63 when he made it.


He was 54 when he made Hard Times,but he was still in great shape!


I can't believe I forgot Once Upon a Time in the West. Great movie.


I am a Clint Eastwood fan, especially his westerns. I think the best is the Good the Bad and the Ugly.


Another one sorta like Death Wish is '10 to Midnight'. I think Lisa Eilbacher plays Charles Bronson's daughter. Good flick.


I think they made something like Death Wish II, III, IV and V as well. If you liked the first one you might want to view the others. But let me warn you, they all stunk in a major league way.

They really made way more of those than they should have. I think by the final flick he was just driving up and down the street shooting everything that moved.

It got very very old....


If you mean a similar theme like someone hurts your family and you hunt them down and kill them try (Josie Wales) with Clint Eastwood


The Mechanic was awesome, and what's up with hatin' on Jan-Michael so damn much?!?!? Did he kick your ass once or screw your mom? The guy was a great actor, had the looks, the hair & the women. Yes, he kinda went downhill for a few yrs. Who doesn't in Hollowood for some time?

And I bet your favourite part of The Mechanic is when he blows up in the car, am I right?

Charles Bronson was a badass actor. He also had a pretty good physique back in the day.


Bronson was great. I have not seen Death Wish in years and years. Does it still hold up well or does it seem cheesy?

Regarding Jan Michael Vincent, he has had a lot of drug problems and really self destructed. I think he was a major asshole because of the drugs.


they did deteriorate rapidly. but maybe Death Wish II is worth seeing. there is a reason that unrated version isn't available in the States.


Charles (Buchinsky) Bronson was one of the few actors out of the 1950's who could take his shirt off and cause a reaction (Hint:Chuck got a lot of leg)...Check out the attached pix, Charlie always showed abs and biceps even after 50 years old by keeping in shape (He was a bit of a double dealer, stole another man's gorgeous wife, David McCallum, now seen as the Doctor on CBS's "Navy NCIS" show is still alive, her & Chuckie are gone, maybe a moral in that story)...Still, he inspired me to lift when I was a kid back then...


How did I know this was going to come from you :slightly_smiling: Didn't we have this discussion before? Jan Michael had it all, and then just like that took a turn for the worse. I really can't explain my deep rooted hatred for JMV but it is there. I once seen a show on JMV. I can't remember if it was an A&E bio special or a VH1 True Hollywood special, but either way it exposed how much of a piece of shit he turned out to be.


It was alcohol and he was not so much an asshole, just totally unrealiable. He always hurt himself more than anyone else.