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Death to Che Guevara


I have been an emense T-mag fan for over 7 years now and strongly support the guys that make it such a fantastic resource. That being said, why the fuck do they have a quote from a commie like Che Guevara? It is a sell out and spit in the face to this incredible country to put that piece of crap on this site.

For those of you who don't know who Che Guevara is, he was a communist/marxist revolutionary that was killed in the late 1960s. He called for an overthrow of capitalism worldwide and specifically the United States. He basically wanted to destroy our country and our way of life and the T-mag staff feels that he is someone to honor by putting on the front of the site.

Way to sell out, guys and spit in the faces of the country and the soliers currently in harms way protecting your ability and allowing you the freedom to run this site and fill your pockets. I am extremely disappointed in t-mag today.




I take it you haven't read any of the other bajillion threads in which the "Strong Words" feature is blamed by a reader, and then explained by TC as existing to cause discussion and make people think (and argue).


So you're asking for the death of someone who's been dead for nearly 40 years?

Fucking doofus.


Yup, it is a sell out...

The lure of latin-american communist guerillero supplement users was too strong to resist, this corner of the market had to be covered...





Bahahahaha. You know them Commie Revolutionaries and their supplements...inserperable they are.

selling out? Bullshit. OP is either a retard or incredibly inarticulate.


They buried him and then bulldozed a runway over his grave, kind of a dead issue. As far as I'm concerned, you could have a Strong Words from Stalin if it was something that made you think for a second, regardless of how reprehensible the author.


Ideas are dangerous and they should be censored.


Run for your life, it's communism!


I thought that was Ted Kenedy


Well, let's see - if the point is to generate discussion and a poster starts a thread talking about how awful it is to choose a quote from a raging mass murderer, then it looks like:

a) Mission accomplished

b) Perfectly legitimate complaint

Che Guevara was a lunatic whose hero worship by the Left is contrary to all they claim to hold dear - to say so out loud is no crime.


I have no problem with him starting up a thread about what a rotten SOB Guevara was. It's a bit annoying to see yet another post acting like it's the end of the world or an insight into TC's political consciousness. It doesn't seem that he understood the point of the Strong Words column at all, which was my point.


How do you know the T-Nation staff feels that he is someone to honor? I think they like stirring things up a bit and provoking thought and discussion. Che Guevara is a controversial figure who will definitely do that.

T-Nation staffers know that a lot of people either support or hate this guy. You've let us know your thoughts but I strongly suspect that their intention was not to "honor" Che Guevara.


It's funny when you go on campus how many idiots wear Che shirts. I've got this one I wear around with Che on it with a line through him that says, "Commies aren't cool." I particularaly enjoy wearing it around one of my professors that wears Che EARRINGS and constantly talks about "her sweet Che". But the best part is when idiots see my shirt and say, "I've got a purse/cap/shirt with that guy on it" without knowing who the hell he is. I promptly give them the 20 second summary, not as if these idiots care.



A fair point, Nephorm, and a good one.


He noted in his post Guevara is dead.


The more I read about Che Guevara the more it seems he was completely incompetent.

He was a laughingstock in his day. When he was killed he suddenly became a martyr.


Castro felt so threatened by him that had him killed in Bolivia.


Funny, I thought the Bolivian special forces killed him along with some help from American "advisors"


The best part of the Che story is that he wrote a book on guerrilla warfare and then ignored everything in his book.