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Death to All but Metal!



lol, awesome lyrics.


Been a fan of these guys for a long ass time. They used to be known as Metal Skool. Look them up on Youtube they cover tons of old metal bands and are just plain awesome.


these guys are hilarious!


Haha. "50 Cent's a fag, so is Kanye West, shooting hot sperm on each others chest!"


Hope they realize that 50 cent would beat the shit out of the entire band.


This made my day. Thanks OP.


doesn't change the facts.


After he beat the livin' shit out of them, he would rap "You're a muthafukkin' W.I.M.P."


In the world of shit-talking, actual violence holds no sway.


Sarah Silverman?

She looks like a donkey. I'll pass thank you.


That was awesome.




I'm Hot for Teacher




Also great musicians for a "comedy" band.


That was friggin' awesome!

Stick it in her butt!