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Death Row and Blasphemy Laws


A christian woman is on death row in Pakistan under blasphemy laws there. Its a three minute video clip, but please do watch.

I grew up in Pakistan, and not far from here. Terrible state of affairs. Too easy to come under the jurisdiction of this particular law.


thats horrible man. I did not know that Pakistan was so teocratic.
Hope she is not hang and that she can live a normal life without threats in the future.


I love religion!! God is great!! But only my god, I'll fucking kill you if your god is different than mine.






Ironically this is categorically not true.

The truth is that the 3 major religions (Islam, Judaism, and Christianity) all profess to worship the God of Abraham. They all worship exactly the same deity all started by 1 individual. The killing is over both who this god's profits are and how to interpret them. Lastly, only one of those religions still kills over the disagreement.


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You'd be surprised. Pakistan's an odd place. The internet and western influence through movies etc. has turned out a younger generation which yearns to pull away from traditional religious teachings.

At the same time, easy access to translations of the quran means that the very same generation has access to scripture which they use to commit all sorts of atrocities.

Add to that the politicised nature of the country and its high strategic value on the 'war of terrorism' in terms of geography/economy etc. and its an explosive mix.

Unfortunately I feel that things are going to get much, much worse for christians living there. They're already treated like shit, and receive discriminatory treatment in job selectione etc.

I remember that most of the christians I met there (small sample albiet) were basically the house cleaners employed on a shitty wage.

I wonder how many pakistanis living in England understand the hypocrisy of wanting to be able to practice their religion here freely, whilst restricting the same right to christians in pakistan.


to be fair to the english pakistani, they are not the ones who restricts the life of christians in pakistan, but nevertheles its a shame that humans are treatet that way as the christians in pakistan. It
reminds me how the gypsies still being discriminated all over europa. Its a wonder why humans can be so inhuman and ignorant.


You're right. I didn't explain myself correctly. My point was that the first generation pakistani english people have significant connections back home.

They're the ones who get to see both sides of the coin and yet won't impart some basic knowledge back home. I'm used to their racist, dogmatic rants since I'm eng-pak myself and have to sit there whilst they rant.

But you're right. We've got our own problems here rather than trying to fix the ills back home.


I know some countries operate under reciprocity for owning real estate, which means that if you want to own a house in xxxxx foreign country, that will only happen if xxxxx country's people can own land where you are from.
Perhaps something like this should be done in other matters, ie, if your country treats Christians like shit, then don't expect much better here for your people. It would make people travelling feel much safer, at least for me it would.


I think the younger generation that is being corrupted by the leftist values of Hollywood is a primary motivation to the jihadist.

It doesn't matter if the Pakistanis living in Britain understand their hypocrisy. What matters is the British are not facing up to the hypocrisy and responding. Two parallel societies where one has a goal of eliminating the other cannot peacefully coexist. What is happening today in Pakistan will be Britain's future because they will not face up to reality.