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Death Penalty (not a vent)

OK … In a few hours Im leaving for the weekend and then some again and it wouldnt be right if I didnt post something over the top. I wouldnt consider being as contraversial as to comment on the merits of the death penalty BUT … it occurs to me the the subject should pay the costs of the execution be it an injection or bullets or whatever. Like Chris Rock said, the problem with the electric chair is that the electricity costs money. Im thinking the joke may get less laughs this retelling (insert numerous winking faces and backpeddalling emoticons here).

Death Penalty: The way in which a community demonstrates to criminals that it is incorrect to kill people.
Does anyone else hear where I’m coming from?

No, it’s how we dispose of the super predators among us.

There’s nothing wrong with the death penalty! I support it. They just need to stop wasting so much time with appeals and all that other bullshit. If you sentence someone to death, then do it! Not tomorrow, not next week! Let’s work the system here!

Yes I agree. HOWEVER I hate all of these non bodybuilding threads they are stupid as hell!
Lets keep this to steroids, drugs, supps, training, & freaking nutrition!
I am sure you can find websites dedicated to these other issues!!!

Lets stick with BB’ing related topics, sex, dating and sports are cool but topics like these just bring out peoples negativity, that I don’t need. outlaw.

Where’s Jason when we need him? Rest assured he has some thoughts on the Death Penalty… (the Lion ducks as empty boxes of GROW! and '45’s are thrown at him…)

Yep…we need to rehabilitate more, spend more money, overcrowd more prisons, coddle more prisoners. Don’t think so. The way to prevent serious crime is demonstrate to criminals, that if you commit a serious crime, you will die. Not non sensical appeals, delays etc…ie: McVeigh.

At first glance the death penalty seems like an attractive idea for vermin like McVeigh, however, I can’t support it because it still leaves the possibility of reincarnation.

In theory it makes sense but in practice I
don’t support the idea because of the chance of murdering innocents.In Canada we’ve had several people(Milgaard,Morin,Sophenow,Marshall
and a few in the works)found innocent after
being convicted of 1st degree murders, some were in prison for up to 20 years before being vindicated and no doubt they would have been executed if we had that practice.Since we
abolished executions some evidence has been found that several innocents were exeecuted.
The only way I wouldn’t oppose the death penalty would be if those that are responsible
for employing the practice(judge,prosecutor,etc) were also executed upon the discovery that they killed an innocent cuz
after all they committed 1st degree murder.

Hehehe. Charles you are a funny SOB eh? I can’t agree with the death penalty either, simply due to the chance of killing an innocent person. Not too mention it seems like trying to solve a problem by “fixing” the symptoms and not the cause. But if we have 100% proof, then ya lets kill the bastard. Lastly we should have more imaginative was of execution. Here’s a free one. How about a lethal dosage of laxatives? Yes, death by elimination. Yippy!!! I also agree with natedog and oulaw lets get back to talking about training, drugs and boobies. :slight_smile:

I feel if you can’t live with the rest of us without killing off people, we (society) has a right to send you back through. Next time, maybe you’ll be a little nicer!