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Death Panels in the U.K?




..i find it odd that this happens in a country where assisted suicide is illegal. Third parties should never be allowed to decide the end a life, even if that life ran it's natural cause. Only the patient, or it's closest relatives, must be able to give permission, or make the desicion that enough's enough. Very odd indeed...


I saw no mention of a 'panel' in the article, indeed what was described would not seem to fit in with what Sarah Palin described in her hysterical utterings. What was mentioned is a system which, although well-intentioned does not work.

The whole death panel issue is a load of crap.


There are people who decide whether you life or die and you care about the specifics?

I think it is NICE that you do not care for hysteric utterings.



Well, it's not like there haven't been people in the past who've decided whether to turn off a life support machine. Is there such a massive difference between a judge and a Doctor?

You gave the example of NICE but equally in the States, an insurance company often decides whether somoene can have a particular medication, or not.


You get to choose your insurance company, do you get to choose your NHS?

I've experienced both systems and the US system is way better as far as I am concerned. I could get my knee fixed in England for free, but I will be getting it fixed in the US which is going to cost me a few hundred bucks after insurance.


except there's plenty of reasons why you wouldn't get to choose your own insurance or if you tried to jump ship you'd be left in the ocean, pre-existing conditions and all.


What you mean like the government ensuring your employer picks health plans and that you can't purchase out of state insurance? Ya you're right.


So you want no choice over little choices?

You are aware that the lack of choices are in part due to political reasons in the US, yes?


I wasn't saying that, just trying to put things in perspective.