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Death of Vasily Alekseyev


I keep seeing this around the internet today, but I can't find any credible sounding reports of it. Can anyone confirm whether or not Vasily Alekseyev has died?

Edit: http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/11/25/weightlifting-alekseyev-idUSLDE7AO01U20111125


It is true.

Reuters is a reputable news source. Several Russian news agencies are also reporting his death:


Two time Olympic champions (1972 and 1976), eight time world champion, set eighty world records. His total for the 1972 Olympics, 645 kg (snatch + c&j + press), still holds since the press was dropped.


http://en.rian.ru/sports/20111126/169045739.html RIP!


A childhood hero and an extraordinary Olympian. Rest in Peace.


grew up watching this man, RIP.


He was a fantastic athlete! RIP


A real legend! RIP


damn =( a true russian legend


Rest in peace



An amazing athlete.



loved watching this guy in the 70's..

wish they would elaborate more on his "heart condition"



would be interesting to see pics of him before he became superheavy . afterall he ws not born at 335 pounds he maybe lifted at lighter bodyweight . in monmtreal in 1976 he clean and jerked 255 kilos 561 poounds. now in 2010 they are doing 263.5 kilos. eventhough taranenko did 266 kilos in 1988. drug testing is mpre severe . alexxev was to weightlifting what pele was to socceror ali to boxing