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Death of the Metrosexual?

In response to the Death of the Alpha Male comment below and because I was reading a newspaper over someone’s shoulder this morning, I bring tidings of the death of the metrosexual.

According to Qu?!, one of the many free (as in beer) rags inflicted on commuters in the city of Madrid, a two-page spread this morning announced the death of the metrosexual. Comments such as “The Beckhams and Jude Law better watch where they walk” and “This man (Beckham) is no longer the man to follow” were abundant. Key points that I managed to pick up (remember, over someone’s shoulder on the bus):

  • the ?bermale is interested in grooming but not too much.
  • the ?bermale can talk about any subject
  • the ?bermale is a man of the world
  • the ?bermale is stylish but not vain
  • being the ?bermale costs more than being a metrosexual

Examples of the ?bermale listed included George Clooney, Bill Clinton and Donald Trump.

I would remind you that the publication in question was free, which I think exactly represents the value of the information contained therein.

Eh … I’m not quite sure where I stand on all this, to be honest. But if Madrid, home of the metrosexual (and believe me, it’s the home of the metrosexual) is ready to move on, it’s a good thing.

The world can only suffer so much weenery until a corrective swing of the pendulum brings about the innate subconscious desire and public expression of the urge to use power tools and belch. Like I said in the other thread… the true believers were never in any danger. If you’re a mindless fad-follower and primped like a chick just because it was “cool” and all the other guys were doing it too, then you don’t really belong in the Alpha Male category to begin with.

That’s not the death of Alpha-Maleness, that just more blatant expression of Pussy-Maleness. I fail to see the problem here. Pretty soon we will be having threads on here lamenting the fact that “everybody” thinks that wearing hole-ridden flannels and having scruffy facial hair is “cool”, and those poseurs are just a different breed of wannabe from the metrosexual. They will have stepped sideways, not up or down… from being wannabe poofters to wannabe lumberjacks.

Let it slide off your back. They are not real like us. Let them be weak, for there is little we can do to help them besides set a good example.