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Death of Shawn Phillips

I just got issue #2 of the print mag and thought the Shawn Phillips article was hilarious. I had heard from reliable sources that he had fake abs, but I had no idea he was wearing a rug too! Too funny.

Anyway you guys can put that on the e-mag? Is this a true story or is it a joke story? Fake abs, rug,that’s real funny. Next thing you know we’ll be hearing stories that his big brother Bill can’t get it up.

Shawn Phillips is dead? Are you just kidding? Where can I read about this?

Shawn is alive and well and apparently into racing bicycles. Once you read the article, it’s easy to tell we’re just poking fun at the Phillips brothers and the Body of Work video.

Remember, guys, the paper version of T-mag contains mostly new material- spanking new articles and original columns like Strasseroids, Rater-X, Atomic Dog, Heavy Metal, etc.

One of the new features you won’t see at the web site is The Testosterone Inquisitor, a newspaper-like section of the mag that covers the bodybuilding world. It’s really just a humor section with parody articles (like the “Shawn Phillips Killed” thing), top ten lists, “coupons”, and all types of crazy stuff that TC and I come up with while intoxicated and sleep deprived.

The paper mag will contain a few “best of the best” type of articles you see at this web site; however, these will usually be updated versions.

Okay, here’s the blatant sales pitch: It’s well worth subscribing to the printed mag, even if you read the web site religiously. And don’t forget, you’ll get a T-shirt and poster when you subscribe. Sales pitch over. And yes, the web zine will always be free.