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Death of Proof


The rapper Proof from D-12 was shot and killed the other night at a club.

Don't know how many care, but I was certainly surprised by this.

If nothing else, God has a sense of irony, because it was him on the table in the "Toy Soldiers" video.

It seems to me that the thing that gives rap its fire, the violence of the streets, is the same thing that is going to doom it and its artists.

Its kind of like mankind.




For what?

Read the news.


NY Times
U.S.A Today
Daily News
FOX News


I hope people will come to their senses about this... as if Pac's and Biggie's deaths weren't enough, gangsta rap continues on its same path.

What happened to the golden age? What happened to Nas and Jay-Z before they went mainstream, to Erik B. & Rakim, to block parties, to the Native Tongues crew, Marley Marl, Shan... of all the modern rap, I only listen to the underground scene like Atmosphere, J-5, Blackalicious, Perceptionists, and even the tiring Def Jux crew.

I only hope that hip-hop will come back full circle and return to its roots. Or at least return to intelligent gangsta rap like Illmatic.

EDIT: Ack, I was listening to The Chronic when I wrote this, Dre was on my mind, I meant Tupac! =P


LOL... when did Dre get killed!!



That's what I was thinking.

Still...pity about Proof.


It's the return of the... "Ah, wait, no way, you're kidding,
he didn't just say what I think he did, did he?"
And Dr. Dre said... nothing you idiots!
[u]Dr. Dre's dead[/u][i], he's locked in my basement![/i]


Now they're saying that Proof fired the first shot


Could've. But considering the club has a reputation for not really being a good place to be, that it was open past legal operating hours, and that he went alone, that he's normally - from what I've heard - a fairly mellow guy, it's still kind of weird.


He's just looking for proof.


It is weird. Maybe he was set up. Some guys hate to see other people become successful.


I just wanted a link to the story so that I could forward it to a friend.

I couldnt find it myself initially, but I'm good now.


It irritates me quite a bit with the rappers.

I remember when Tupac died- I was genuinely upset. That guy was a hell of an artist and a poet- the same thing with Biggie.

Its like if Shelley had rolled up on Byron and Keats one day and blew them away because they were making more money than him.

I just don't fuckin get it. If Eminem gets killed...I mean, the world is losing some great voices here.

It always begs that question of whether are imitates life or is it the other way around.


This is why I stay out of Detroit after hours. Because all of them are illegal and the patrons have a sense of lawlessness about them.

In Detroit you don't go busting caps into someone in front of their family and not expect it to come back at you.


Detroit police said a 28-year-old man suspected of shooting a rapper at an after-hours club turned himself in Wednesday afternoon.

Citing witness accounts, police sources said the man -- whose name was not immediately released -- was both a bouncer at the club and a relative of Keith Bender, another man shot at the C.C.C. nightclub early Tuesday morning.

Deshaun Holton, a rapper who went by the name of Proof and was a close friend of Eminem's, was fatally shot in the incident. Bender is in critical condition at a Detroit hospital.

According to police, Proof was shot and killed after he pistol-whipped and shot Bender following a fight about 4:30 a.m. Tuesday. Proof was shot up to four times in the head and the chest by another man, police said.

Police were interviewing the suspect late Wednesday afternoon.

Proof had a history of run-ins with police including an arrest in 2004 for assault by Dearborn police. He was acquitted in 2003 on a Detroit charge of carrying a concealed weapon.

Meanwhile, a manager at the C.C.C. club who was there at the time of the incident said the atmosphere was friendly before the fight.

"The incident that occurred happened rapidly and was totally unforeseen, said Lamont Bryant, 38, who has been working at the club for two years.


I wonder if the shooter held his gatt horizontally?

I actually saw D12 play last year, they were pretty good.


Its very sad when any musician dies , but live by the sword etc etc.


I have always hated the fact that you have more boys running around with guns than men who would ever actually be able to stand up in a fight. What exactly does someone do at a nightclub that makes you shoot them unless they attack you first?


I felt bad for proof till I read that he mercilessly shot somone. He gave no mercy and got none from the other guys people.


It is tragic, but ofentimes the victims kind of put themselves in harm's way. Judging from this thread, it sounds like Proof was in a notoriously violent club at 4:30 in the morning in Detroit. He was also carrying a gun.

I realize that sometimes shit happens, but I highly doubt that I'd be carrying a gun into a violent club at that time of night (in Detriot of all places!).

Just FYI, but I have no clue who Proof is. I've never heard of the guy, so I'd like to think that I don't have any biases towards him.