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Death of Old Media


The Old Media is really letting the blogosphere have it lately:

Mark Bowden just wrote some hit piece over at the Atlantic about right wing bloggers:


The hypocrisy men like this is truly astounding, for they embody everything they hate about bloggers. Friedman is basically a typical dhimmi see-no-evil apologist for globalization, Islamism, Chinese autocracy, etc.

Bowden goes on here:

No, there's a low public opinion of journalists because they're lying bags of __. Does he care at all about Andrew Sullivan's daily 5 Minutes Hates of Palin and other lies? Of course not. So much paranoia and utter garbage come from the keyboard of Andrew Sullivan that it's not even funny. But I guess he's on Bowden's team, so he gets a pass.


[quote]PRCalDude wrote:
<<< What gave newspapers their value was the mission and promise of journalismâ??the hope that someone was getting paid to wade into the daily tide of manure, sort through its deliberate lies and cunning half-truths, and tell a story straight. >>>[/quote]

The operative element here is the past tense.


Old media is dieing. Good. They have become corrupt puppets and nothing more then a vehicle of propaganda. Good riddance. The internet is where there is real freedom of information. It’s amazing how much stuff shows up online and eventually forces the networks to take notice and report for risk of looking like the puppets that they are.

Glenn beck keeps a good tally on major stories and shows how many of the major networks bother to report about it.


Beck does a fantastic job.