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Death of My Father in Law

For those of you guys that don’t like your in-laws, you have my deepest sympathy as I was fortunate to have one of the greatest men I’ve ever known as my father in law. He passed away last week after fighting cancer bravely and with a strength that was truly awe-inspiring.

He was born May 19, 1937. He received his bachelor of science and physics from Syracuse University, a master’s in engineering administration from George Washington University, and a master’s and a doctorate in public administration from the University of Southern California. He was also a graduate of the Army Command and General Staff College. After college, he spent five years in the Army from 1959 to 1964, and remained in the Army Reserves until retiring as a lieutenant colonel in 1997.

He worked as a civilian at Army Security in Arlington, Va., and at Ryan Aeronautics in San Diego, Calif., for three years. In 1969, he stated his career at the National Security Agency and served tours in Frankfort and Munich, Germany, and Bangkok, Thailand. In 1982 he became a charter member of the Senior Cryptologic Executive Service at NSA.

His management positions included vice director, U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff special studies group from 1990 to 1992; NSA director of plans from 1986 to 1990; assistant director of technology, Office of Naval Intelligence from 1985 to 1986; and chief, NSA Office of Search from 1980 to 1985. After retirement from NSA in 1995, he worked supporting defense programs for the next 12 years for various defense contractors, including GTE, Boeing and EDO Corp., retiring from EDO Corp. Nov. 24, 2007.

He was awarded a CIA Certificate of Merit, the NSA Meritorious Civilian Service Award, the NSA Exceptional Civilian Service Award and the Presidential Meritorious Rank Award. He was affiliated with the Association of Old Crows, the Security Affairs Support Association and the Armed Forces Communications-Electronic Association.

If you got a beef with your in-laws, your old man or anyone in your life that you once loved…don’t wait until it’s too late to make peace.

My condolences to you and your family.

What a lovely tribute. I’m very sorry for your family’s loss.

[quote]EmilyQ wrote:
What a lovely tribute. I’m very sorry for your family’s loss.[/quote]

As am I. Just be grateful that you had him in your life as long as you did.