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Death of a swissball

Anyone know how to fix a small puncture in a swiss ball? If not, anybody know where to get a cheap one on the internet? I tried using a tire repair kit and it didn’t work at all. Also tried using a rubber repair kit as well to no success.

I believe those balls are made of urethane, a material that doesn’t readily lend itself to bonding. Loctite makes a two part urethane glue, but it is not readily available for the public to buy. You have to buy it from their distributor. They cost about 20 bucks, I believe. You can check it out on loctite.com. With the cost and hassle of repair, you may be better off buying a new ball. One thing that you may give a try is duct tape. Clean the repair area completely with some alcohol then put a big X shaped patch. It’ll look kinda stupid, but it may work. Good luck. Oh, I had another idea. How about one of those tire repair kits that you put a string of rubber through the hole to plug it? The kits come with a special tool to thread the rubber through. I’m assuming that you tried the tire patch kit. If I’m wrong, never mind.

Hyok’s right, you probably won’t be able to repair without major cost. Just do an Internet search for sissel (swiss) ball retailers. You’ll be able to find one for a fairly inexpensive price.

Fucking ball popped while someone was working out with weights on it. I am skeptical as to how much pressure it can hold.